Registration Opens for the 33rd Edition of Buenos Aires Games 2024 with Over 100 Disciplines

Registration for the 33rd edition of the Buenos Aires Games 2024 has begun. The competition will include an interregional stage and will conclude with the traditional Provincial Final in the city of Mar del Plata.

The event, which last year reached 455 thousand registrations, will have more than 100 disciplines for Youth, People with Disabilities and Transplants, and Seniors.

The Local Stage will begin on May 5 and will extend to June 30; and later the Regional will be held from July 1 to August 31. The main novelty in this edition will be that, prior to the grand Final, the Interregional stage will be incorporated, from September 1 to 20.

Learn about the sports categories in which you can sign up:


Aquathlon, chess, athletics, badminton, basketball, 3×3 basketball, beach volleyball, basket ball, 3 x 3 basket ball, futsal, 5-a-side soccer, 11-a-side soccer, tennis soccer, beach soccer, artistic gymnastics, handball, beach handball, hockey, swimming, paddle tennis , skate, ball, rugby seven, softball, tennis, table tennis, volleyball.


Chess, bocce, burako, walking, choreography, chin chon, checkers, broom of 15, lottery, newcom, orienteering, paddle tennis, fishing, pentathlon, toad, taba, shuffleboard, tennis, table tennis, paddle tennis and trick.


Athletics, roller basketball, boccia, disc football. Intellectual, international football Down syndrome, PC soccer, goalball, swimming, para-badminton, table tennis, sitting volleyball.


Canoeing, judo, wrestling, skateboarding, shooting and taekwondo.

While artists can enroll in the following cultural disciplines:


Circus art, plastic arts (artistic object, painting, mural), Buenos Aires chefs, cumbia musical group, folk dances, tango dance, photography, freestyle rap, literature, malambo, rock music, vocal soloist, stand up, theater and video minute.


Dance theater, folk dances, drawing, photography, malambo, oral narration, painting and vocal soloist.


Plastic arts, Buenos Aires chefs, folk dances, tango dance, photography, literature, vocal soloist and theater.

Registrations for sports disciplines can be made until May 4 by entering the following It is also possible to register at the La Torcaza Sports Center (Brandsen and Pringles) or at the Social Development Centers listed below.

Registration for cultural disciplines must be done in person, with ID and photocopy, by going to any of these points:

  • San Alberto Sports Center (Grecia 2640) – 2143-9163
  • CDS Juana Azurduy (Haiti 3475) – 4481- 9717
  • SUM Hope (Aguaribay 2173)
  • CDS Barrio Nuevo (Alsina 4349) – 11-2177-2144
  • CDS La Torcacita (H. Quiroga 4401) – 4481-7555
  • CDS San Antonio (Olivera 2160) – 4458-3976
  • Ituzaingó Cultural Center (Mansilla 893) – 2120-1872

For more information, interested parties can make inquiries about sports disciplines at 4621-9622 (Polideportivo La Torcaza) and about cultural disciplines at 2120-1872 (Centro Cultural Ituzaingó).

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