Referee Commission Takes Action After Controversial Incident in Junior vs. Millonarios Match

The embarrassment that occurred on Wednesday in El Campín, when the Junior players refused to resume the first half of the match against Millonarios after an error by referee Jorge Duarte, forced the Referee Commission to take action.

Junior claimed a foul, which existed, from Leonardo Castro to Gabriel Fuentes. Duarte did not blow the whistle and from there an attack by Millonarios was born that ended in a corner kick. And from that charge came the first blue goal, scored by Castro, in the 39th minute.

He also backed down, after reviewing the VAR, the expulsion of Carlos Bacca, after considering that the punch he gave to Andrés Llinás did not merit a red card. The game ended 3-2.

“We don’t want to take credit away from Millonarios for their victory, but we do want to set a precedent,” said midfielder Didier Moreno, representing the Junior squad.

“A referee, on the field of play, cannot tell the players that they are not professionals and that he saw that it was a foul, but that he did not want to sanction it. That cannot continue happening in our football if we want to take a leap forward. quality,” he added.

According to former referee and analyst José Borda, this Thursday all first division judges were summoned to a video call meeting, in which what happened in that meeting was analyzed.

There was a strong call for attention for the errors of recent days and it was announced that the judges who fail will be “drastically punished.”

Borda added that Duarte will not be taken into account for the remainder of the semester. This judge had already had a history in the Junior vs. game. Nacional, when he did not sanction a foul by Edwin Torres that caused Luis ‘Cariaco’ González to fracture his collarbone.

The atmosphere around refereeing is heated, in addition to the poor performances of the judges, due to repeated complaints from players, coaches and leaders.

Independiente Medellín requested, for the game they won this Thursday 2-3 against Patriotas in Tunja, that there be a referee observer to supervise the performance of central defender Nicolás Gallo, who, according to them, had made wrong decisions against him in previous games. Gallo had no problems.

The issue generated more protests and now it was Once Caldas who requested an observer for a key duel for their classification among the eight, against Junior, on Saturday in Barranquilla. The version was spread by journalist Alexis Rodríguez.


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