Real Madrid’s Heroic Defensive Display Leads Them to Victory Against Manchester City

Real Madrid qualified against Manchester City in a match, the second leg of the quarterfinals, in which the whites defended themselves in a heroic way against Guardiola’s team.

Carlo Ancelotti understood that playing the British team face to face would mean ‘committing suicide’ against a rival with tremendous potential in their stadium. Real Madrid held on and ended up taking the victory on penalties.

There have been many who, due to the way Real Madrid plays, defending well as the main argument, They consider that Manchester City deserved the classification for the semi-finals of the Champions League. A football legend like Thierry Henry, former Barcelona player and now France Olympic coachdefends Madrid and is clear that they were better than their rival.

“There is something called defending. You can also control the game by defending well. “I know that people will say that City was the best team, but defending is part of the game,” said the former French player in Football Talk’.

Furthermore, Thierry Henry added about the victory of Carlo Ancelotti’s team against Pep Guardiola’s team: “Real Madrid defended very well. “I think the best team, the one that defended well, passed.”

2024-04-18 10:27:09
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