Real Madrid on Alert: Alleged Threat from Islamic State Received for Champions League Match

There is no reason for alarm, but it is true that the alleged threat from the Islamic state about the Champions League matches has already been received by the security forces and transferred to Real Madrid. For now, nothing has changed in terms of the organization of the clashwhich already comes with special surveillance measures as it is considered a high-risk match by the Ministry of the Interior.

The Government Delegation is already aware of the threat, but it will not be until Tuesday morning, at the party’s security meeting, when it will be decided to take extra security measures or not. Madrid has shown ample evidence of the organization of this type of match and of knowing how to keep the situation under control, although it is true that The scenario presented is not the same after the direct threat received.

Two games in 24 hours

The surveillance over the capital of Spain during these days was already special due to the celebration of Tuesday’s match with the City fans in Madrid and Wednesday’s match with the Borussia Dortmund fans awaiting the Metropolitano match. It is not the first time that the city of Madrid has attended two consecutive home games of its teams in the Champions League.

It must be remembered that the Cardiff final between Real Madrid and Juventus was played with the closed roof of the Millennium Stadium in the Welsh city. On that occasion, there were security reasons why UEFA decided to isolate the stadium due to the possibility of the arrival of drones that would endanger the celebration of the match.

The Islamic State, through its Al Azaim foundation, has spread a poster threatening the football stadiums of London, Paris and Madrid. The truth is that the police keep this possibility in mind at all times, even before the threat made public in recent hours. The aforementioned Islamic state has made it clear on several occasions that its sights are on what it calls ‘soft targets’, such as major sporting events.

For the moment, nothing changes regarding the match and all parties convey total and absolute confidence that they have the situation under control. There is no reason for alarm, but there is reason to be attentive and redouble our vigilance.

2024-04-09 06:31:40
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