Real Madrid Emerges as Top Favorite to Win Champions League According to Betting Houses and Data Providers

It seems that the betting houses find it difficult to give, every year, Real Madrid as the top favorite to win the Champions League. Also to the data providers who, with their calculations, try to predict the future champion. The whites usually always have some teams ahead. This season has been no exception.

Manchester City, current champions, were the big favorites… until they were eliminated. Now, with only four teams to lift the ‘Orejona’, Real Madrid has succeeded them in that step. According to the Opta Supercomputer, those of Ancelotti, who at the beginning of the season were the second favorites, They have become the great candidates for the title.

Real Madrid has a 39% chance of winning the Fifteenthfor 27% from PSG, who at the beginning of the course was the fourth favorite; a 17% of Bayern Munich (8th in September); and a 16% from Borussia Dortmund (tenth).

Final against PSG

Therefore, The final would be between the whites and Mbappé’s team. In the semi-finals, Madrid has a 66% chance of passing against Bayern. Two out of three times. PSG, for its part, has 60% probability of overcoming Dortmund, despite the fact that the Germans were first in the group they both shared.

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