Rapid Pastor Christoph Pelczar on His Love for Football and the Future of Stripfing Club

“I have been a pastor in the church for 21 years. I was asked and am used to helping in times of need,” explains Christoph Pelczar.

“Rapid remains great love”

Spicy detail about the purple partner club: The stripping chairman is known to the wider public as the “Rapid Pastor”.: “Rapid will always remain my great love in football.”

Stripping, on the other hand, is her great love Erich Crisis. The patron was once even discussed as Rapid president and invested a lot of money into the then amateur club. Only the infrastructure didn’t grow with it. The game is currently being played at FAC in Floridsdorf.

The mandatory renovation in Stripfing was only started under Pelczar – far too late. That’s why one should legal trick help: The The club’s headquarters were in Deutsch-Wagram relocated.

The new address is still in the home state (this is the league requirement), but less than the maximum permitted 20 km from the Austria Arena in order to be able to play there from summer onwards.

“There will be no wrong things with me,” says Pelczar to the KURIER and explains: “We want to build Stripfing as the most attractive club in the Weinviertel and as the center of the Gänserndorf region with a total of 100,000 inhabitants. We are working on a youth offensive and now have the energy for something sustainable. The Bundesliga should give us another chance.”

“Don’t drop the baby”

Patron Kirisits will continue to pay in (“He promised me he wouldn’t drop his baby”), Pelczar should increase the number of sheep: “Our words must become flesh.”

For the first instance, the only thing that helps is prayer. “We could add something for the second instance, I’m not giving up.”

There is trembling several times

I also want to give up Matthias Gebauer not, although the wind is getting rough for the SKN manager after the Wolfsburg exit. There is interest from player manager Frank Schreier potential donors – die Talks are currently reaching their final stagestoo late for settlement in the first instance.

Most of the expensive player contracts run until 2025. How will the license work out? “There are some points in the fixed costs that we can eliminate or reduce.” For the Tyrolean, “the only thing left is a big question mark: Some loyal partners have submitted letters of intent but no contracts yet for the coming season. The question is whether that’s enough for the league.”

Does the league have a future?

According to KURIER research, it will not be enough for several clubs.

The second instance is about the existence of the 2nd league in its current form. If too many clubs remain without a license, the entire situation is Bundesliga structure with 28 clubs at risk.

It is quite possible that the Bundesliga, its clubs and the ÖFB will soon clarify in a crisis meeting whether, as agreed, two professional leagues still go out and make sense?

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