Ralph Hasenhüttl defends Kevin Behrens against Mario Basler’s harsh criticism

These words were clear!

Last week, football expert Mario Basler (55) focused on VfL Wolfsburg in his podcast “Basler Ballert”. And, above all, he went to court hard with a kicker.

Kevin Behrens (33) was the name given to the 1996 European champion, among other things. as an “average second division player”. Basler claimed that he would “just sit on the bench for an ambitious second division team” and “it is one of the greatest outrages of all that such a player is allowed to call himself a national player.” Boom!

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Clear words that Wolfsburg’s new coach Ralph Hasenhüttl (56) does not want to leave uncommented. “That’s absolutely disrespectful,” he said when asked by BILD.

Hasenhüttl settles accounts with Basler!

The Austrian stands protectively in front of his national striker and even goes into raptures. “I already know what I have in Kevin,” emphasizes Hasenhüttl. “The way the boy worked there and how he reacted the week he found out he wasn’t playing shows that he is a complete professional.”

And an absolute team player who only moved from Union Berlin to VfL for four million euros in February, shortly before the transfer deadline. Immediately after Storm competitor Jonas Wind (25) scored the 1-0 winning goal against Bochum, it was the family man who jumped up from the substitutes’ bench and celebrated the goal with great joy.

Ralph Hasenhüttl is happy about his second win as Wolfsburg coach

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After all, with the win against Bochum, the biggest worries about staying in the league have disappeared. Because the gap to 1. FC Köln and a direct relegation zone is now nine points with twelve points still to be awarded.

“That was a good step. But we still need one or two wins,” warns goalscorer Wind. He himself banished his goalless curse on Saturday after 1335 (!) minutes without his own booth and can go into the final spurt of the season with self-confidence.

XXL crisis over! First wind goal after 1335 minutes

Source: BILD20.04.2024

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