Rafael Nadal’s Return: Will He Compete in the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell-Trofeo Conde de Godó?

Rafael Nadal He stepped on the center that bears his name and surname, in tribute to his dominance in the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell-Trofeo Conde de Godó. He was reunited this Wednesday with a scenario that he had to give up in 2022 and 2023, after having won in 2021, still with a mask against the coronavirus in force, his twelfth title at home, in his club.

Where he wants to at least compete one more time before hanging up his racket. In the spirit of maximizing the possibilities of reappearing in the tournament, from April 13 to 21, the Spaniard appeared with the main body of his technical team on the main court of Godó 2024.

With everything prepared to simulate the competition in detail, examining yourself personally for two hours. He wanted to see the manacorí in one of his exceptional fiefdoms, and access was opened to the public and media during the initial half hour of his practice. On the other side of the net, an ATP tennis player, the Catalan David Jordanrecent eighth-finalist at the ATP in Estoril, which allowed him to win on the main circuit, at 29 years old, and rise to 298th place in the ranking.

Rafa Nadal, training at the RCT Barcelona this Wednesday, before the Godó

Manel Montilla / Own

A ‘sparring’ originating from CT Tarragona, who is currently part of the RCT Barcelona roster. The exercises dictated by the coaches were made available Carlos Moyà and Gustavo Marcacciounder the watchful eye of Carlos Costa and Rafa Maymó, Rafa Nadal’s respective manager and physiotherapist. Just missed Marc Lopez. Jordi Robert, ‘Tuts’, another member of his closest circle through Nike, did appear.

Below, not even inactivity has punished the Balearic’s hitting of the ball, forehand and backhand. His ball is poisoned and accelerates at the same time with the quality of the king of clay. He wanted peace of mind to rehearse whether or not he can play Godó, he did not serve during his open-door training. He did do it later, testing the state of his abdominal muscles, in which he has felt discomfort for the last two months.

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He will be the one to measure whether he feels ready to return to the slopes, to try it in Godó. His tennis is sharp, although not tested in the highest competition, and it depends on his body not laying any more traps for him. Nobody knows himself better than him. like he said Novak Djokovic this week in Monte Carlo, he has every right to decide his present and future, as the legend that he is.

He will return to work this Thursday. The Godó is drawn on Saturday. His debut would be on Tuesday, since he would not start as the main seed and would have to open participation from the initial round.

Rafa Nadal and Carlos Moyà, training at the RCT Barcelona-1899, at the Rafa Nadal del Godó 2024 Track

Manel Montilla / Own

You don’t want to raise false expectations, you do want to gather all the elements to make a final decision. “With the excitement of being here, with the desire to try to play,” as she noted in a subsequent message on social networks. And he makes it clear that “I don’t want to confirm that I will play, I hope so. We’ll see.” The desire is to do it, and it will exhaust all possibilities to make it happen.

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