Rafael Nadal Opens Up in Heartfelt Interview with Kids on Tennis Channel’s Los González de Tour

The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal offered one of the most sincere interviews in an atmosphere full of kindness and tenderness to the tennis channel called Los González de Tour in which a couple of children ask questions to their most admired players.

In the middle of the friendly and fun interview, which took place in Barcelona within the framework of Nadal’s return to professional tennis after months of inactivity due to injuries, The Spaniard answered the children, without hesitation, why he takes off his “breeches” before serving.

“This comes from a long time ago from when I was very little and it is something that I have not been able to get rid of,” he commented with a laugh, although a little blushing, a question that many fans ask themselves and that could not be resolved in any other way than by questioning a child.

The minors also asked Nadal if he had pets, to which the Spaniard responded with a solid “no.” He accepted that his son ‘Rafita’ loves animals but that at the moment he would not give her one. “It’s enough for me to keep him and if we have to keep a little dog on top of that, I don’t have enough for everything.”

The Spaniard stated that there are many tournaments in which he has had a “very good time” although he assured that he does not have a “favorite” one. “I like this European tour. In Latin America I have also had a great time. “I have very good memories of many places,” he said.

This comes from way back when I was very little and it’s something I haven’t been able to shake off.

The pair of children also asked Nadal about the actor he would like to play him in case a movie was made about him.

“I love it and I really liked Robert de Niro, obviously he is a little older,” held.

Nadal competed this week in the ATP 500 in Barcelona after several months away from the courts.

during the championship He defeated the Italian Flavio Cobolli, 62nd in the world, in his debut in two sets, 6-2 and 6-3.. Then, in the second round, he fell to the Australian Álex De Miñaur, eleventh in the world and fourth seed, 7-5 and 6-1.

Nadal, 37 years old and winner of 22 Grand Slam tournaments, had reappeared at the beginning of 2024 at the Brisbane tournament in Australia after almost a year out due to his physical problems.

There he played three games before getting injured again and since then he had only competed in an unofficial exhibition game, which he lost in March in Las Vegas against his compatriot Carlos Alcaraz.

Nadal He has left the door of retirement open in constant interviews and it is rumored that his farewell will be at the next Roland Garros Grand Slam where he built his legend in tennis.

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