Racing Secures Vital 2-0 Victory Over Lanus in League Cup Battle

Racing 2-0 Lanus

Racing and Lanús starred in “a final” in Zone B of the League Cup. On the penultimate date of the domestic tournament, in full group definition, the Academy showed up at the Cilindro with the need to win to maintain the hope of qualifying for the quarterfinals, while the Granate opted for a more conservative stance, given that the distribution of points did not suit him at all.

As both teams had been active abroad for the Copa Sudamericana, the excuse of fatigue was not allowed, given that both coaches had chosen alternative formations to face the first day of the group stage of the continental competition. Before six minutes, Gustavo Costas’ team had achieved its mission through its best man: Adrián Martínez. The former Institute rose in the Granate area, beat Lucas Acosta in the jump and celebrated his premature conquest. A few moments later, Juanfer Quintero surprised the goalkeeper with a tight corner kick that was worthy of the Olympic goal, but the crossbar drowned out the Colombian’s scream. The only thing the Avellaneda team had to do was maintain intensity and concentration.

And at the exit of a side, Ramiro Carrera took advantage of a defensive inattention and sent a ball that Marco Di Cesare left dead on the edge of the large area with a faulty clearance that fell at the feet of Julio Soler, but the midfielder’s resolution was It went over the crossbar. In the following scene, Leandro Díaz once again spread out to the last albiceleste line and with the tip of his boot he scored centimeters from Gabriel Arias’ right post. It was another clear one for Ricardo Zielinski’s team that could have led to a tie.

Before the break, Agustín García Basso dressed as a hero to save the Academy after a long rebound that his goalkeeper had given after a shot by Walter Bou that did not appear to have any major complications. As Loco Díaz got hold of the ball and eluded the former Defensa y Justicia, the central defender avoided equality with a clearance over the goal line. An action that was worth a goal.

At the resumption of the show, the fight broke down with a non-existent midfield so that the fight was back and forth. A blow by blow that did not favor Racing, since the goal was about to fall in either of the two goals. Arias’ interventions helped the Academy generate incisive counterattacks that it could not achieve with celebrations for the bad decisions that Maxi Salas made in the last pass.

When the tension was felt in the Cilindro and the suspense worried everyone present, Juanfer Quintero managed to connect with Santiago Solari, so that the former Defensa y Justicia could improvise a masterpiece, by getting rid of his brand and hanging it from the corner . With the score 2 to 0, calm reigned in Avellaneda. And Costas began to take care of his best men for the coming future: Agustín Almendra, a great match, was replaced by Juan Nardoni. And a few moments later Maravilla came out for Roger Martínez. All that was left was to preserve the Colombian with a past at River, who had another brilliant afternoon. For the last quarter of an hour, Agustín Urzi entered for the talented midfielder, while Germán Conti occupied the Nazareno Colombo sector to have more height against the air shipments from Lanús.

In the national football capital, the Academy took the three points and dreams of one of the four places to keep the dream of the title alive. To do this, they must win on the last date of the regular phase in their visit to Belgrano de Córdoba and wait for the results of two decisive matches: that of Granate with Estudiantes in La Fortaleza and that of Defensa y Justicia with Newell’s in Florencio Varela. The fans rely on Racing Positivo.


TV: TNT Sports

Referee: Yael Falcón Pérez.

VAR: Facundo Tello

Stadium: Cilindro de Avellaneda

Tents 3-2 Institute

Barracas Central received Instituto at the Tomás Adolfo Ducó Palace, in Parque Patricios, with the mission of obtaining a victory that would allow them to get closer to the quarterfinals of the League Cup. The duel between Guapo and Gloria was closely followed by half of Avellaneda and Núñez, given that the production of the team led by Alejandro Orfila could affect the fate of Independiente and River Plate.

The local team was the first to threaten the arrival of the goal, since a fearsome shot by Maximiliano Zalazar made Manuel Roffo shine, who flew towards the angle to maintain equality. Instead, the response from the Córdoba team came through the air, since a header from Facundo Suárez bounced off the crossbar and on the rebound Ignacio Russo failed to send the ball to the back of the net. On the mythical Buenos Aires stage there was promise of a great show.

After the hydration break and a few moments before the players went to rest, Barracas Central managed to celebrate the 1-0 in a striking scene that provoked the collective protest of the visit. A corner kick that led to a series of rebounds allowed Alan Cantero to touch towards the goalkeeper’s right post and celebrate his controversial achievement. The former Boca demanded an alleged infraction from Cantero himself when he tried to clear it with his fists. In any case, referee Luis Lobo Medina, endorsed by Fernando Echenique from the VAR, validated Guapo’s goal.

In the complement Instituto did all the merits to achieve equality, but the sticks and Moyano avoided the Córdoba cry. For those reasons that do not find many explanations in football, when Orfila’s team had the worst time, they found the second goal to impose tranquility. Deep assist from Cantero and definition from Lucas Brochero: 2 to 0.

Not satisfied with the two-goal advantage, Guapo continued to hurt and once again capitalized on another’s misfortune when Miguel Brizuela interpreted a defective closing and transformed the victory into a rout with a maneuver lacking aesthetics and effectiveness that dislocated Manuel Roffo. With 3 to 0 everything seemed to be resolved in Parque de los Patricios.

Ten minutes from the end, Diego Dabove’s men had their consolation prize for perseverance. Facundo Suárez was the one who managed to discount a lawsuit that seemed settled. Although Instituto believed in the miracle, Orfila continued moving pieces to reinforce the last line of Barracas Central and take care of the advantage. In addition to the victory, Guapo was also interested in having a good goal difference.

In a final not suitable for the faint of heart, Rodrigo Insúa, against, established the score 3 to 2 and from the stands a spontaneous song was heard that imposed the fear of failure. “Move Barracas, move, move and stop fucking around”…. The fans were crazy and did not accept an adverse result after being 3 to 0 up.

The expulsion of Jonás Acevedo at the end marked the impotence of the visit, which was left on the verge of fighting for a place in the next instance. Barracas Central, meanwhile, will face “a final” against Argentinos on the last date, in a match that will also be closely followed by Rojo and Millonario. The thing is that everyone wants to be among the eight best in the domestic tournament.


TV: TNT Sports

Referee: Luis Lobo Medina

VAR: Fernando Echenique

Stadium: Tomás Adolfo Ducó

Atlético Tucumán 3-2 Gimnasia

One of the least attractive matches of the penultimate date of the League Cup was played in northern Argentina. The Monumental Presidente José Fierro was the scene of a spectacle devoid of emotions, given that the protagonists no longer had the possibility of reaching the quarterfinals of the League Cup. Anyway, Atlético Tucumán and Gimnasia tried to hurt each other since the ball started rolling.

A stopped ball executed by Pablo De Blasis found the head of Eric Ramírez so that Lobo took the advantage in foreign territory. The poisonous center of the virtuous La Plata midfielder was one of the causes of the conquest of the tripero gunner. In any case, the Dean was going to react immediately with a foray by Renzo Tesuri into the attack. The midfielder teamed up with Mateo Bajamich and the number nine tried from the outside… Fortunately for the defensive deviation, Nelson Insfrán was unable to defuse the danger and the delirium of the fans was established with the 1 to 1 score.

In the second half, Facundo Sava’s men reversed history thanks to the vision of Renzo Tesuri, who pulled the strings of the local offensive with great patience. Forming partnerships with Adrián Sánchez, Guillermo Acosta and Marcelo Estigarribia, the ball reached Agustín Lagos so that the winger sent a precise search that found the feet of Juan Infante.

Ten minutes from the end, Bajamich extended the difference and David Salazar put suspense in the outcome with the discount. Despite the suffering of the 3 to 2, northern happiness came late. The first victory of the tournament took a long time to come for Atlético Tucumán. And it will serve to lift a team that had low spirits.


TV: ESPN Premium

Referee: Darío Herrera

VAR: Nicolás Ramírez

Stadium: Monumental José Fierro, Tucumán

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