Quebec Baseball Federation Bus Accident: Students Safe but Coach Injured

The bus was heading to Florida as part of a tournament organized by the Quebec Baseball Federation. On board was a group of young sports students from different schools in the region, including those from the Marie Rivier school in sports studies.

According to information obtained and confirmed by the authorities, 22 students from the Marie Rivier school participated in this tournament, accompanied by a coach from the federation who was also involved in the accident. Fortunately, the students were not injured, confirmed Mathieu Audet, contacted by Vingt55.

The students were shaken but are all safe, said Mathieu Audet. The group of coaches made the wise decision to bring the young people back to Quebec tomorrow so that they can reunite with their families. Mathieu Audet praised the way coaches handled the situation, keeping parents informed of every action or decision made. For the moment, one of the program’s coaches, Yannick Powers, also present on the Fleur de Lys company bus, has been injured.

He was treated by paramedics and transported to a regional hospital to undergo X-rays and a health check. However, the injuries appear to be limited, according to initial reports, to a fracture which could require either a quick return or an operation there, which would prolong his stay in the United States.

Normand Page, director of communications for the School Service Center, confirmed that he was quickly informed of the situation.

”Although the activity was not organized by the school, it is our students and our thoughts are with them and their families, explained Normand Page. Under the circumstances, we are relieved that no students were injured and we hope for a speedy recovery for the coach injured in the accident.

Normand Page also confirms that each parent was informed of the situation by the Quebec Baseball Federation and was kept informed of all the details. The students will return earlier than expected, even though their activity and sporting events were initially planned for 10 days. The federation took the decision to repatriate the young people to their families, confirmed Normand Page.

According to information obtained by Vingt55, no other vehicle was involved in this exit from the road. Firefighters from Greenville, Virginia, were called to the scene due to the severity of the impact and secured operations and care for students and passengers.

The bus ended its trajectory in a tree-lined area on the side of the road. All passengers and occupants were quickly evacuated and assessed on site before being directed to a hotel while awaiting their return to Drummondville.

Contacted by Vingt55, the transport company Fleur de Lys did not respond to our calls and did not confirm the causes and circumstances of the bus accident nor the state of health of the driver.

2024-04-20 22:59:43
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