PSG-Lyon (4-1): “His game is thought out”, the beautiful tribute from Pierre Sage to Luis Enrique

Largely dominated by PSG, Sunday evening at the Parc des Princes (4-1), Lyon coach Pierre Sage easily recognized the superiority of the Parisians. He praised, in particular, the mastery of the meeting by Luis Enrique. “He showed it to us again this evening (Sunday), his game is thought out, there are things that stand out in his way of attacking, it was seen on the first goal, on the center of the second goal too , he praised at a press conference. We suffered the consequences of his work. »

Already complimentary towards his counterpart in an interview published on Saturday in The Team, Sage “is not likely” to change his mind. “My support for Luis Enrique is not the result of acute coaching corporatism (…). I had a front row seat, he continued. This is a team which showed us this evening that it was efficient in positional attack, that it was efficient in rapid attack on the fourth goal and that it was also efficient on set pieces. »

Pierre Sage, initially appointed interim coach in December, when OL were bottom of Ligue 1, has completely turned around Les Gones, now 10th. He will meet Luis Enrique on May 25 in Lille, in the Coupe de France final, where he hopes to perform better against the man he esteems so much.


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