“Profe” and “Milimetric” Make History by Beating Olimpia in First A Couples Tournament

“Profe” and “Milimetric” had a great time… They beat Olimpia on their court and were the only leaders of the “Eduardo Báncora” First A Couples tournament.

Dardo Labastié and Dante Núñez are still looking at each other: “Did you see what we did…? We beat the champion at his home.”



And it was by a narrow margin in a bell-ringing match, with changing results – La Armonía won 5 to 2, then lost 10 to 5 and, finally, won 15 to 12 – on a night where the planets aligned for the Velezano, who has equipment to fight.

The key? The refusal of “Pochi” Gómez to say no to Dardo Labastié when the score was tight (5-10). “Follow one more hand,” said “Pochi” and the boys reacted.

Opposite, “Dani” missed just two balls (24 out of 26), according to what was stated by Lili, Jorge Grigolatto’s wife, who sent a story of those with great fanfare for the program “Tiempo de Bochas”, a video that It can be seen again on Facebook.

And the Velezano took the lead because he stopped Olimpia’s race and because 9 de Julio lost at home against General Cerri, where Santiago Grill’s attack and the effectiveness of Juan Pablo Urra’s bochazo looked impeccable.

It should be noted that Almafuerte had won its early match against Barrio Hospital on Tuesday.

-Results. Date 16: El Puma 15 (Lito and Julio Castro played, and then Pablo Dalgalarrondo entered)-Tiro Federal 11, Olimpia 12-La Armonía A 15, Río de la Plata 13-Dublin 15 and 9 de Julio 12-General Cerri 15. Free: German

-Positions. 1) Harmony A, 11 points; 2) Olimpia, July 9 and Almafuerte, 10; 5) Alem and Dublin, 8; 7) General Cerri, 7; 8) El Puma and Río de la Plata, 5; 10) Barrio Hospital, 4 and 11) Tiro Federal, 2.

-Tonight. Date 17: General Cerri-Río de la Plata, Dublin-Almafuerte, Barrio Hospital-El Puma, Tiro Federal-Olimpia and La Armonía A-Alem. Free: July 9.

In the B

Talleres crushed Bella Vista and continues standing alone, in the promotion contest in the couples category.

For its part, Villa Miter was anchored in Punta Alta, where it narrowly lost 15 to 13 against Sporting.

-Results. Date 16: Sporting 15-Villa Miter 13, Talleres 15-Bella Vista 2, Independencia 15-La Armonía B 5 and La Falda 15-El Cometa 6.

-Positions. 1) Workshops, 13 points; 2) Villa Miter, 11; 3) Independence, 10 (x); 4) Catamarca, 9; 5) Kilometer Five (x) and El Cometa, 9; 7) Harmony B, 7; 8) Sporting, 5; 9) La Falda, 4 and 10) and Bella Vista, one point.

(x) They have a pending match that will be played on Friday.

-Tonight. Date 17: La Falda-Sporting, El Cometa-Independencia, La Armonía B-Talleres, Bella Vista-Kilómetro Cinco and Catamarca-Villa Miter.

Escobar, the Bahian athlete in bocce

Danilo Escobar, a player from Barrio Hospital, won the award for best bocce player on the night of Deporte Bahiense, by winning the shortlist he was part of along with Fabián Tolosa (Olimpia) and Facundo Capdevila (July 9).

“Flaco” was part of the couple, along with Fabián Tolsa and Juan Pablo Urra, who won the Argentine Couples runner-up in 2023.

On the other hand, Mauro Varela (Catamarca) was distinguished as a revelation bochophile.

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