Perfect Guiagon: A Tale of Talent and Improvement in Charleroi

Perfect Guiagon: A Tale of Talent and Improvement in Charleroi

He is one of the only ones in the Carole squad who can resolve a situation with the ball. This Saturday, Perfect Guiagon once again showed the extent of its palette. Bright brushstrokes close to giving him a penalty and opening the scoring three times but also too much waste in the last gesture. A constant since his arrival in Charleroi on August 29. “He had a good performance but he can improve in the last part of the pitch,” confirms De Mil. It must be more efficient. However, when you see what he achieves, he’s definitely a good player.”

A top scorer for the club during this exercise even if that doesn’t mean much when you wear this honorary costume having scored only five small goals. For his first season in Belgium, the 23-year-old attacking midfielder with an incredible story seduces as much as he annoys. Because with his talent that he uses poorly in areas of truth, he must do better.

De Mil understood this well. The coach hopes that by playing higher up the pitch than under Mazzù, this will make the Ivorian’s task easier. “We have to put him in a position where he can do his job. If your block is in front of your own goal and you bet on counterattacks, he must start his actions from further away and he can only do this once or twice during the match. Today he did it 6.7 times.”

The 4-2-3-1 of the new T1 seems to better suit Guiagon’s skills provided “that he progresses in efficiency and the last pass”, says the technician who can use him in several positions in this system. For his baptism, he preferred to confine him to the left flank, whereas we can legitimately think that he could have used the space more with his speed if he had been stationed in the axis behind the attacker. “He can play in a 10 but when he is on one side, it is really complicated for the defenders when he comes one on one against his opponent and he alternates between inside and outside.”

Mansoni learned this the hard way by having great difficulty understanding the incessant percussion of the winger who was already playing on the left side during his time at Maccabi Tel Aviv before landing in the Pro League.

What he did not do in Israel and under Mazzù, however, was this pressing that he tried to produce under the incessant encouragement of De Mil in the first half when he was close to him. “I had to talk to him in training to convince him,” he laughs. If you want to press high, everyone has to do their job. If a player doesn’t do it, it becomes impossible. I still see sometimes that he doubts and asks himself: ‘should I go for the ball carrier or not?’ It’s normal, it’s not yet a habit for him but I liked what he did in this area.”

Just as he has appreciated, since his arrival, his player’s sessions. In training, Guiagon has been impressive over the past two weeks. “The first day, I saw someone who had doubts but now, wow!, confirms De Mil. He does incredible things by being efficient and scoring. I know it’s going to happen in a match soon.”

It would be ideal from Sunday in Kortrijk where a victory would take a big step towards maintaining.


The first day, I saw someone who had doubts.

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