Peñarol Secures Victory with 80-75 Win over Quimsa

Three 75-80 Peñarol

The visitor took the initiative with triples from Thornton and Valinotti. Quimsa responded with Basabe, but Valinotti and Tolosa made it 14 to 4 for Peñarol in five minutes. After a minute, those led by Ramella came within range thanks to Basabe and a bomb from Ramírez Barrios. The first boy was in the hands of Milrayitas 22-18 thanks to a triple from Tolosa.

In the second set Valinotti and Thornton continued to be effective and in the home team Vasirani added close to the basket. The three-pointers didn’t go in until Robinson hit twice from the perimeter and thus evened the proceedings. Peñarol’s outside shooting with Fernández, Valinotti and Thornton took them up 54 to 41 at halftime.

After the main break. Peñarol was left without effectiveness (only ten points) and the Fusion paired him with a destabilizing Robinson and Ramírez Barrios. With ten minutes left, those from Mar del Plata were still ahead 64 to 59.

Fernández with a double and foul opened the segment for those led by Laginestra. On the other side, a bomb from Brussino raised the public of the Ciudad stadium. With five minutes left the visitor was up 71-64. In the epilogue, the last La Liga champion came within range thanks to three-pointers from Sansimoni and Robinson, Milrayitas, meanwhile, held it off with Fernández and a long shot from Valinotti until a dunk by Gallizzi allowed the Fusion to get closer . Simpson missed close to the basket, but Ramírez Barrios did not make his triple.

Peñarol closed it with free kicks from Fernández to win 80 to 75 in Ciudad. Joaquín Valinotti broke it with 21 points and 9 assists, followed by Thornton and Fernández’s 18. At home, Brandon Robinson was the scorer with 18 points.

Report and photos: Third Press.

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