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An opening ceremony “limited to the Trocadéro” or “brought back inside the Stade de France”: these are “plans B and C” in the case of excessive “threats” for the planned parade of boats on the Seine with the athletes and delegations for July 26th. Announcing for the first time the alternatives to what would be “a world first” – an Olympic ceremony outside a stadium – was President Emmanuel Macron, interviewed by RMC Sport and BFM TV 100 days before the start of Paris 2024.

Macron, speaking of the international risks and threats weighing on the inaugural ceremony outside on the Seine, reassured a listener who, live, told him that she had refused her son to go to the ceremony on the Seine for fear of an attack : “madam – said Macron – if there is a place where your son will be safe, it is there”. “We will have means of the information and intelligence services totally mobilized – he added – we will establish an entire security perimeter around the ceremony from the previous days, even weeks” and “the police forces will be mobilized at an exceptional level”. Furthermore, Macron continued, “if you think that there are risks, we will have back-up scenarios, we have plans B and also plans C”. At that point, the president evoked an opening ceremony which, in the event of a threat, could be “limited to the Trocadéro” or “brought back to the Stade de France”.

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2024-04-15 08:18:32
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