Paris 2024 Olympic Games: in Olympia, an immutable ritual steeped in history to finally light the Olympic flame

The ritual, organized at the U-shaped Antique stadium – which is accessed by walking alongside the steles of cheaters, erected in honor of Zeus with the money from fines imposed on those who did not respect the rules – and hosted this year by Nikos Aliagas, is immutable. After its burst, the flame will be placed in different lanterns, just to guard against the slightest accident during its relay. Torch in one hand, olive branch in the other, a first Greek torchbearer – Stéfanos Douskos, Olympic rowing champion in Tokyo – will escape towards the stele housing the heart of Pierre de Coubertin. He will then pass the baton to Laure Manaudou, bearer of the torch of the XXXIII Olympiad, designed by Mathieu Lehanneur.


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