Pablo Toviggino Fires Back at Andres Fassi and Juan Sebastian Veron

Pablo Toviggino is back on everyone’s lips. The current treasurer of the Argentine Football Association and Claudio Tapia’s right-hand man once again attacked Andres Fassi and now against Juan Sebastian Veronpresident of Estudiantes LP.

The leader cited a note to respond to Verón’s recent statements, after assuming the presidency of “Pincha”, where he had shown himself in favor of the Sports Joint Stock Companies.

Furthermore, Toviggino referred to the president of Talleres, although without naming him, as “the other one who lives more in Mexico than in Argentina.”

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“Haha, you and another who lives more in Mexico than in Argentina, are the mules of an idea foreign to you!!! Don’t forget that you need the VOTES OF THE AFA ASSEMBLY!! There is no longer DNU that forces us. When the project that AFA is preparing is known, both of them will be left with their asses in the air!!!”declared the leader

It should be remembered that at the time, Fassi had also proclaimed himself in favor of the privatization of football clubs in Argentina.

2024-04-13 20:51:42
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