Outrage Over In-Game Commentary in Ubisoft’s XDefiant Beta: “Most Annoying Feature Ever”

Ubisoft’s crossover shooter XDefiant has recently entered open beta, giving the community the opportunity to give their feedback on the game – good or bad. One feature in particular is drawing the community’s ire: in-game commentary, which some fans are calling the most annoying feature they’ve ever experienced in a game.

Admittedly, automated game commentary is nothing new in the gaming world. Games like Team Fortress 2 even make them part of the appeal, adding a certain depth and personality to the world through intelligently written and well-delivered voice prompts. The trick is to find a balance between practicality and entertainment value, but it seems that XDefiant misses both when it comes to this mechanic.

Unnecessary chatter spoils the fun for XDefiant players

XDefiant has only been available for less than 24 hours, but players are already criticizing the implementation of the characters’ voice acting. A Reddit post called it the “most annoying thing I’ve ever heard in a video game,” with most of the criticism centered on the frequency of the voice acting. Since every conceivable event in the game, from deaths to kills to objective updates, receives its own spell, players can quickly become overwhelmed.

What’s worse is that there appears to be no delay between each line of voice, meaning several can be triggered within seconds depending on how hectic a particular game is. Since there is only a small pool of voice prompts available, the repetitions will quickly get on the nerves of only the most patient players.

Chaos on your ears in XDefiant

Numerous clips of this outrageous mechanic have been shared on Reddit. Many suspect that it could be a bug considering the many errors the game currently has, or they are simply complaining about how bad it is. However, there is a solution, albeit one that involves a small compromise. In the audio settings of XDefiant you can switch off the dialogue completely, including the comment lines. Unfortunately, this also turns off the automatic player dialogue, but some see this as a small sacrifice.

In fact, there should actually be more chaos if you use voice chat with your team, then it goes completely haywire and no one checks anything anymore. Ubisoft has once again shown how far away they are from their own player base. With Rainbow Six Siege you actually have enough experience with a competitive, tactical shooter that may not be for everyone, but should have given you enough experience to know how important good sounds are.

Maybe we should just focus on music for the rest of the beta.

2024-04-22 04:51:26
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