Otoniel Hernández Secures Spot on Argentine National Team for 2024 World Field Games

The Comodor native Otoniel Hernández competed last month in the selective field and 3D disciplines organized by the Argentine Archery Federation that took place in San Nicolás, province of Buenos Aires.

Thanks to his enormous performance in the Under 21 Men’s Raso category, the archer from the Friends of Archery Club achieved the only place there was to represent the country in the 2024 World Field Games in Canada.

As in 2023, Oto will join the Argentine National Team in the competition that will take place in the city of Lac La Biche, from September 16 to 22.

“It is an honor to be in the Argentine National Team again after so much work and effort, not only mine but also that of my family. Representing my nation in a world competition is a beauty,” he stated.

The goalkeeper was going to take it easy this season since he did not have the category to compete in the World Cup. However, World Archery released a statement and everything changed.

“This year I was going to take it easier because for me there was no category, the World Archery statement was issued a short time after the 2024 season started, and the truth is that it was a surprise because this year was going to be quiet and it ended up being one of my best qualifying years so far.”

Once the sports ticket to Canada was obtained, family members and members of ATAC began to work to reach the World Cup event: “It takes a lot of money to compete in a World Cup, but with everyone’s effort and work it can be achieved.”

Finally, Otoniel Hernández thanked “Comodoro Deportes and Hernán Martínez for being able to listen to us and taking the time to be with us, the support they give us is terrible, it generates a lot of peace of mind and the accompaniment is very good for us.”

Photo: Commodore Sports Press.

2024-04-16 23:13:45
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