Onana Uses Lubricant for Her Gloves, What Does It Do?


Andrew Onan seen using lubricant for his gloves, in the match Manchester United vs Liverpool. Do what?

This moment was seen in the first half of the MU vs Liverpool match at Old Trafford, Sunday (7/4/2024). The Nigerian goalkeeper was caught on camera using lubricant in the form of petroleum jelly for his gloves.

That moment raised many questions. Onana himself ended up conceding two goals in that match.

Onana penetrated by Luis Diaz in the 23rd minute. Manchester United managed to take the lead thanks to a goal Bruno Fernandes and Kobbie Mainoo in the second half, before Liverpool can equalize the score through a penalty Mohamed Salah.

Some fans mocked what Onana did with his gloves. Some thought that this actually made it difficult for him to catch the ball.

“Why does Onana use vaseline on his gloves? Obviously, it won’t help grip the ball,” said netizens.

“Wait a minute, why is Onana using vaseline on her gloves? What am I missing? said another netizen.

Pros and Cons of Using Lubricant for Goalkeepers

According to The Athletic, several sources said that what Onana used was not ordinary lubricant. It is specifically used by goalkeepers.

Coventry City goalkeeper, Ben Wilson, discussed it with former Manchester United and England goalkeeper, Ben Foster. There are still pros and cons to using lubricant for goalkeeper gloves.

Wilson admitted he wouldn’t try it. Meanwhile, Foster admitted that he could feel the benefits.

The use of lubricants has also been around for a long time. In 2014, Joe Hart, a former England goalkeeper, used it while playing in the Brazil World Cup.

Hart admitted that he got the technique from former Leicester City goalkeeper, Kasper Schmeichel. He was told of its benefits and continued to use it.

“I had just finished my contract with Umbro, and was testing new gloves in pre-season and this Vaseline rumor was circulating. I thought it would be useless, it didn’t make sense,” he said.

“But Kasper (Schmeichel) said ‘give them Vaseline’ and I believed him because I was close to him. So I did it, and I never questioned it.”

“I know players who don’t do it on principle, but as soon as I do it in training, I see them try it and start rubbing their hands on the ball to get Vaseline on their gloves,” he said.

The use of lubricants themselves is not regulated by IFAB, meaning it is not prohibited. The benefits of the lubricant itself now depend on each goalkeeper, although there are effects.

As a result of using this lubricant, according to the Daily Mail, it can damage the latex part of the glove itself. This means that goalkeeper gloves can wear out more quickly than usual.

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