NFL Allows Teams to Add Third Helmet Design Starting in 2025 Season

The NFL revised its uniform policy to allow teams to add a third helmet design, the league said in a memo sent to teams Wednesday.

The additional helmet design was offered to teams going through a re-design process for the 2024 season, but will be open to all teams for the 2025 season, per the memo.

The league updated its uniform policy in 2022 to allow for a second helmet shell color. After the change, and “with the goal of increasing overall club flexibility regarding helmet shell colors while maintaining the highest level of player health and safety,” the NFL reviewed that policy to make way for the latest expansion.

The second and third helmets, referred to as “alternate color helmets,” can only be worn with one of the team’s authorized optional uniforms (classic, alternate, and/or color rush), per the memo. “If either alternate color helmet is paired with a Classic uniform, the helmet colors and designs must be historically compatible,” the memo said.

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Additionally, the following requirements must be met for teams to use the alternate color helmets:

  • Teams must obtain an entirely new set of alternate color helmets for all players;
  • The alternate color helmets must be the same make, model and size as the players’ primary helmets;
  • The alternate color helmets must be available to all players at the start of training camp and should be fit at the same time as the primary helmet; and
  • Players must wear their alternate color helmets in practice, at a minimum, during the week leading up to the game in which they will be used.

The league also said that each alternate color helmet must be tied to a specific optional uniform and cannot be mixed and matched with primary uniforms, nor can it be mixed and matched with another optional uniform.

Per, 13 teams wore alternate helmets in 2022, and 11 teams featured alternate helmets in 2023.


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