New Fitness Trends and Luxury Amenities: Finding Motivation for Exercise

We are convinced that exercise is as important as a healthy diet. It’s the motivation that isn’t always there. New trends and luxury rooms: bring out your sneakers! By Sophie Albrecht.


“After the fashion of padel, here is that of pickleball,” enthuses Apolline (final editor), new but fervent fan. It is a combination of badminton, ping-pong and tennis. Four people play on a badminton court equipped with a lower net, like tennis. The goal of this racket sport is to return a plastic ball with holes using a rectangular paddle. Pickleball is all the rage in the United States, explains Hugo, club president. It can be played indoors or outdoors. There is much less risk of injury, because the rackets are much lighter than in tennis and the distances are shorter than in padel. There is less risk of strain or tennis elbow. There is much less strain on the joints, which allows you to continue playing into old age. The level of effort should not be underestimated, however: my face is as red as a tomato, Apolline continues. But this sport is less complicated and above all less intense than padel. In one hour, you already master the racket well. The glutes are also clearly used. »

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Workouts in traditional gyms are also becoming more and more high-tech. Laura (web editor) tested the eGym, a circuit of intelligent machines that automatically adapt to your abilities and goals. “The eGym is a set of eight fully automatic machines that each target a different muscle group. The weight corresponding to your training is determined after a small strength test and your results are recorded in your bracelet. You need to unlock each machine with this bracelet, it will itself select the weight and position suitable for your body. After one minute of exercise, you change the device and repeat the entire course twice for a 30-minute session. You work the legs, abs, pectorals and back, you can also select different programs, depending on your objectives. This system of intelligent machines is very efficient and helps limit the risk of injury. Ideal for those who like to be guided! »

  • Available, among others, at Da Vinci Fitness, in Wavre.

Reformer pilates

Cléo (journalist): “For me, Pilates is the perfect sport for those who want rock-solid abs. But that’s a somewhat simplistic cliché, because this complete workout goes much further: by performing very specific movements in a controlled manner, you strengthen your entire body. Your muscles become stronger and more flexible, your posture improves and your neck and back relax. Joseph Pilates invented this method while in captivity during World War I. These exercises, initially thought of on a prison bed, are today carried out on a Reformer, a structure equipped with a mobile platform, a neck support, straps with loops for the hands and feet and springs to provide some resistance. I must admit, this equipment intimidates me a little, but it allows you to execute the movements with more precision and to engage your abdominal muscles more, the very essence of Pilates. One class is enough to understand the enthusiasm around this activity: the training is suitable for everyone, including less athletic profiles like mine. Thanks to the adjustable springs, you can make the session as intense as you want. Be careful, you need to have good coordination, but don’t worry: your instructor is there to guide you. »

  • To be tested at Mix, in Brussels.

Rhythm cycling 

Margot (web editor): “Are you reeadyyyy?” The instructor gets us in the mood for an hour of intensive cardio in a dark room lit up with disco-style neon lights and mirrors. Almost the entire class responds with enthusiastic shouts, my little cycling shoes (rented at reception) and I are ready to keep up! A complete training session follows, without leaving the bike, adapted to our physical condition. To the rhythm of modern pop songs and a wild beat, we climb and roll down virtual hills. From time to time, you can push the button to increase the resistance of the exercise. You can also catch your breath by sitting on the bike saddle for a few moments. The session consists of some pretty fun choreography, push-ups on the handlebars and an interlude with dumbbells to sculpt toned arms like Miley Cyrus. Fortunately, sweat towels are part of the basic kit. This sport is not accessible to everyone, I recommend it to those who like to push their limits in a nightclub atmosphere. »

  • To be tested at Animo Studios, in Brussels (73, Chaussée de Vleurgat).


Eva (journalist): “I’m neither sporty nor muscular, but I never lack enthusiasm! I was a little intimidated during my first sessions, but after two years, I am a convinced boxer! I go to the gym every week. As soon as I miss a session, I feel the consequences in terms of my physical and mental energy. Boxing is more than just punching. This sport requires concentration, control and power. We put all our worries aside and move forward: this is my medicine. »

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