NBA Regular Season Finale Recap: Seedings Set for Playoffs and Play-ins

Last big night of NBA the one staged on the Italian evening of Sunday 14 Aprilcon all thirty teams took the field for the round that closed the match regular season 2023-2024 and defined the seedings for the upcoming teams playoff – best of seven matches as per tradition – anticipated however by the play-ins. Let us briefly recall the formula of the latter: a single match is played between the seventh and eighth rankings (in the East and clearly in the West) and between the ninth and tenth; whoever wins the first match passes as the number seven seed, while the loser will go on to challenge the winner of the intersection between ninth and tenth – whoever prevails will therefore pass as the eighth and final qualifier for the playoffs. So let’s briefly summarize what happened overseas.

Home victory of the Philadelphia 76ers (47-35) over the Brooklyn Nets (32-50) 107-86 which is worth seventh place and therefore play-in: 26 points from Tyrese Maxey and 21 from Tobias Harris, with 18 points from Cam Thomas for the guests. They also rejoice in front of the friendly public Orlando Magic (47-35) against the Milwaulee Bucks (49-33) still in difficulty: 26 points and 11 rebounds by Paolo Banchero and 25 by Franz Wagner they are worth fifth place in the East, with 17 points and 10 rebounds by Bobby Portis for the 2021 champions – our Danilo Gallinari remained out due to a technical choice. Serve un overtime ai New York Knicks (50-32) to be right over the Chicago Bulls (39-43) with a score of 120-119: Jalen Brunson leads his team with 40 points together with Donte DiVincenzo’s 25, with DeMar DeRozan last to give up the Bulls with 30 points – Knicks second in the East, with Chicago who will have to go through the play-in as ninth place. The Miami Heat are not shaking at home (46-36) against the Toronto Raptors (25-17) by 118-103: 18 points for Jaime Jaquez Jr. coming off the bench, with Gary Trent Jr. the Canadians’ best scorer (18 points). Clear affirmation of the Indiana Pacers (47-35) over the Atlanta Hawks by 157-115: Myles Turner scored a double-double of 31 points and 12 rebounds along with 29 points from Pascal Siakam, while for the Hawks 32 points from Dejounte Murray and 12 points and 17 assists from Trae Young.

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Outside blitz by the Charlotte Hornets (21-61) contro i Cleveland Cavaliers (48-34) per 110-120: Nick Smith Jr. finishes with 24 points entering the game in progress, with Max Strus posting a triple double of 14 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists but not enough to avoid the knockout of the fourth-placed team in the East who will challenge the Orlando Magic in the first round of the playoffs. THE Boston Celtics (64-18) take leave of the regular season with a victory over the Washington Wizards (15-67) by 132-122, thus consolidating the first position in the Eastern Conference: Payton Pritchard takes center stage with 38 points and 12 assists, with 26 points from Svi Mykhaliuk given the rest given to the starters Tatum and Brown – 26 points for Eugene Omoruyi among the guests. The Sacramento Kings (46-36) leave no chance for the Portland Trail Blazers (21-61) with a score of 121-82 which is worth ninth position in the West and therefore the first play-in round against the Golden State Warriors: Domantas Sabonis achieved a triple double with 18 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists, well supported by De’Aaron Foz who scored 24 points – 17 points for Dalano Banton among the Oregon franchise. THE Los Angeles Clippers (51-31) lose at home against the Houston Rockets (41-41) already certain of placing fourth and thus crossing the Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs: Amen Thompson leads the Texans with a triple double (18 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists) together with Cam Whitemore (21 points), while for the Californians 24 points from Terrance Mann. The Golden State Warriors (46-36) win at home against the Utah Jazz (31-51) 123-116 with 25 points by Klay Thompson and 19 by Andrew Wiggins – 11 points and 18 rebounds for Omer Yurtseven among the Jazz.

I San Antonio Spurs (22-60) close the regular season with a victory over the Detroit Pistons (14-68) by 123-95: Ziach Collins scores 17 points equal to Blake Wesley, with 21 points and 17 rebounds by James Wiseman for the Pistons – Simone Fontecchio absent due to injury. The Oklahoma City Thunder (57-25) beat the Dallas Mavericks (50-32) 132-86, lifting themselves to first place in Western Conference: 15 points from Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and 13 from Chet Holmgren – 22 points for Brandon Williams among the ranks of the fifth-placed Mavericks who will face the Clippers. THE Los Angeles Lakers (47-35) conquer New Orleans by beating the Pelicans (49-33) who they will meet again in a few days in the first round of the play-ins: triple double by a wild LeBron James (28 points, 11 rebounds and 17 assists) with 30 points and 11 rebounds from Anthony Davis, while for the home team 25 points from CJ McCollum. External shot also Phoenix Suns (49-33) over the Minnesota Timbwevoles (56-26) for 106-125 opponents right in the playoffs: 36 punts by Bradley Beal and 23 from Devin Booker for the 2021 vice-champions, with 21 points from Rudy Gobert among the ranks of Minnesota. In the last match of the long NBA night the title holders i.e Denver Nuggets (57-25) beat the Memphis Grizzlies (27-55) at home by 111-126, placing second in the West behind the Thunder: 21 points by Jamal Murray and 15 points con 15 rebounds always effective Nikola Jokicwith 44 points and 12 rebounds by GG Jackson for the Grizzlies.


(Matches played on Sunday 14 April)

Philadelphia 76ers-Brooklyn Nets 107-86

Orlando Magic-Milwaukee Bucks 113-88

New York Knicks-Chicago Bulls 120-119 dTs

Miami Heat-Toronto Raptors 118-103

Indiana Pacers-Atlanta Hawks 157-115

Cleveland Cavaliers-Charlotte Hornets 110-120

Boston Celtics-Washington Wizards 132-122

Sacramento Kings-Portland Trail Blazers 121-82

Los Angeles Clippers-Houston Rockets 105-116

Golden State Warriors-Utah Jazz 123-116

San Antonio Spurs-Detroit Pistons 123-95

Oklahoma City Thunder-Dallas Mavericks 135-86

New Orleans Pelicans-Los Angeles Lakers 108-124

Minnesota Timberwolves-Phoenix Suns 106-125

Memphis Grizzlies-Denver Nuggets 111-126


Eastern Conference

Philadelphia 76ers (7) – Miami Heat (8)

Chicago Bulls (9) – Atlanta Hawks (10)

Western Conference

New Orleans Pelicans (7) – Los Angeles Lakers (8)

Sacramento Kings (9) – Golden State Warriors (!0)


Eastern Conference

Boston Celtics (1) – 8th seed (play-in loser 7th-8th vs. play-in winner 9th-10th)

New York Knicks (2) – seventh seed (play-in winners 7th-8th)

Milwaukee Bucks (3) – Indiana Pacers (6)

Cleveland Cavaliers (4) – Orlando Magic (5)

Western Conference

Oklahoma City Thunder (1) – 8th seed (play-in loser 7th-8th vs. play-in winner 9th-10th)

Denver Nuggets (2) – seventh seed (play-in winners 7th-8th)

Minnesota Timberwolves (3) – Phoenix Suns (6)

Los Angeles Clippers (4) – Dallas Mavericks (5)

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