NBA Preview: Thunder vs. Mavericks – April 14, 2024

Our Thunder – Mavericks tip for April 14, 2024 (1:30 a.m.):

On the last matchday of the 2023-24 regular season it will be back-to-back for all teams in the league. All teams were active yesterday, so the latest results before this tip are missing, but it is still worth taking a look at the matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Dallas Mavericks and a tip is quite possible. The fact is that both teams have already qualified for the playoffs before this game – but today’s game will only decide which place they will start the post-season in.

Before the Thunder-Mavs tip you should take a close look at yesterday’s results and the table situation. What is also certain is that no team will give up a game in the hope of a certain matchup in the playoffs. The current situation is too uncertain. Anything is possible for the Thunder between 1st and 3rd place. Dallas is fighting for places 4-5. A meeting in the playoffs is therefore not possible.

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Our Thunder – Mavericks tip and the NBA forecast // Image: Marty Jean-Louis

Thunder – Mavericks prediction: Maximum for Dallas the goal

At the beginning of April, the Thunder had a brief period of weakness. They were unable to avoid bankruptcies against the Sixers, Celtics and Pacers, all of which can be viewed as playoff teams, and so doubts arose as to whether OKC really has the necessary toughness to survive in the playoffs. However, a good game plan and successes over the Hornets, Kings and Spurs got the Thunder back on track so that they can head towards the playoffs in improving form before yesterday’s game against the Bucks. Successes over Milwaukee and Dallas would further help OKC to face the playoffs with confidence.

According to our Thunder – Mavericks tip, things went a little better than in OKC most recently with the Mavs, who were able to win nine of their last ten games and the last five in a row. The last time they suffered multiple defeats (three) in a row was at the beginning of March, and since then they have won 16 of the last 18 games. Doncic and Irving continue to impress and the team chemistry seems to be getting better and better. Although the depth of the Mavs squad can be questioned, Doncic and Irving are so strong that they can take on any team.

This is how the last encounter ended!

It is the fourth and final game of the current season. The Thunder won the first game 126-120, despite Doncic posting a monster triple double (36P, 15R, 18A). Kyrie Irving was missing. In the second game, the guard was involved and the Mavs were completely hot. With 146-111 they gave OKC no chance. Doncic was missing in the last game and although Irving fought off defeat with 36 points, Dallas lost 119-126. So OKC leads 2-1, but couldn’t survive against Doncic and Irving.

Our Thunder – Mavericks tip: A lot of points can be expected

The double burden puts pressure on both teams in the hottest phase of the season. OKC played yesterday against the Bucks, Dallas had it a little easier against the Pistons.

  • Many points seem guaranteed today. This is not only suggested by the results of the previous duels. Oklahoma (119.8) and Dallas (118.6) have the best offenses in the Western Conference. A tip on many points is therefore worthwhile.
  • Both are also vulnerable defensively. Dallas (115.5) concedes almost two points more than the Thunder (113.1) – neither of which are top values.
  • The form clearly speaks for Dallas, who have been in a bit of a frenzy recently. The atmosphere is good and Doncic and Irving are harmonizing better and better. But OKC shouldn’t be underestimated – their team chemistry is also great, but Dallas is just having a really good run at the moment.

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