Navigating the Las Vegas Raiders’ Quarterback Quest: A Choose Your Own Adventure Approach

11 Apr, 2024, 00:33 ET

What are Las Vegas’ options to move up the pick order, or what quarterbacks would be available if they don’t go up in the first round?

HENDERSON — Las Vegas Raiders face the “Choose Your Own Adventure” portion of the quest to fill the most important position in any sport.

Because, although they return with Aidan O’Connell –who started 10 games last season as a rookie, finishing the last four in a positive way, leading the Raiders to a 3-1 finish while throwing eight touchdown passes with no interceptions–, they signed the veteran Gardner Minshew in free agency, and they have Anthony Brown on staff, it is obvious that the head coach of the Raiders, Antonio Pierce, is in the ear of the new general manager Tom Telescocalling for an improvement at the quarterback position.

It is obvious that the Las Vegas Raiders, holders of the No. 13 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, need to improve the quarterback position. Tim Warner/Getty Images

But how will they move mountains? Raidersholders of turn No. 13 in the 2024 NFL Draftto put yourself in a position to select one of the best prospects?

Again, it’s all about choosing your own adventure, Raider Nation.

Frequently linked to the winner of the Heisman Trophy, Jayden Daniels of LSUand with Caleb Williams of USC practically a certainty for Chicago Bears in the No. 1 global position, the Raiders they would have had to move up 11 positions to “ensure” the possibility of selecting Danielsthe guy he recruited and managed Pierce in Arizona State from 2019 to ’21.

To do that, there is a map drawn three years ago… more or less.

Los San Francisco 49ers They jumped from step No. 12 to No. 3 in 2021 to elect Trey Lance. The cost? In addition to exchanging first-round picks, the Niners delivered to the Miami Dolphins their first round turns in 2022 and 2023, as well as a third round turn in 2022.

Three first-round picks and one third-round pick would seem like a starting point… plus the added cost difference of jumping from No. 13 to No. 2 and No. 12 to No. 3, along with three years of inflation .

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“I think everything is on the table,” he admitted. Pierce during the recent meetings of owners of the NFL. “Whatever improves the Raiders, I’m agree. And when I say that I am one of those who go searching, [eso significa] which is whatever it takes to win, whatever it takes to take the best player to help make our team the best. That’s what I want to do, and that’s what I would like us to do.

Tom Telesco He has much more experience with the draft than I do. I’m going to trust him and his knowledge of what we should do. And, if he is the perfect fit and the guy we want there is a Raiderand fits the culture Raider our way, then we will go after him.”

Although there are questions regarding whether the Washington Commanders are open to doing business in shift No. 2, we must ask ourselves if Telesco He has the stomach for such a move.

After all, Telesco He only made two first-round trades in 11 years as general manager of the Chargers. The first occurred in 2015, when the Chargers transferred their first round turn, a fourth round turn, and a fifth round turn from 2016 to the 49ers to climb two positions and go for Melvin Gordon ranked No. 15 overall. In 2020, the Chargers They obtained the 23rd turn of the New England Patriots in exchange for second and third round picks in that draft, and then they selected linebacker Kenneth Murray Jr.

Sources said that the owner of the Raiders, Mark Davishas extended his blessing so that Telesco y Pierce make a move, any move…as long as it makes sense.

Interpret that however you want.

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The quarterback market that the Raiders this year is similar to the one 49ers They got into 2021, when they catapulted from No. 12 to No. 3. That draft was the third in the history of the NFL in which passers went 1-2-3, with Trevor Lawrence to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Zach Wilson to the New York Jets y Lance to the 49ersa scenario that can be repeated this year.

Additionally, the five quarterbacks selected in the first round of 2021 tied with the 1999 and 2018 classes for the second most quarterbacks drafted in the first round. Many draft projections have at least four and as many as six quarterbacks being chosen before the Raiders be called to the podium at No. 13.

Six would tie the mark set in 1983, and that is where we have to shake the dust off a 41-year-old map a little, when the Raiders They thought they would rise in the draft to take… John Elway.

According to a documentary from the “30-for-30” series by ESPN about him 1983 NFL Draftloaded with talent at the quarterback position, the Raiders They believed that they had a closed agreement with the Bears to jump from No. 26 to No. 6. They were then going to exchange that sixth overall turn with the Baltimore Coltswho were offering the first overall pick for two first-round picks in that draft — one of which had to be in the Top-6 — a first-round pick from 1984, and two second-round picks.

There are three first-round picks and two second-round picks… in 1983 currency.

The agreement with the Bearswhich supposedly included the future member of the Hall of Fame Howie Long, collapsed. The Raiders they felt that the then commissioner of the NFL, Pete Rozelleblocked the deal, while league officials accuse the Raiders to regret transferring to Long.

“Wow, I would have pierced myself for John Elway“he acknowledged Long in 2014.

So what would be a bridge too far for the Raiders Will they include him in an exchange to promote positions? The quarterback rusher Pro Bowl, Maxx Crosby? The three-time wide receiver All-Pro, Davante Adams? What about the defensive end Tyree Wilsonlast year’s first-round pick?

After visiting with “most” of the highest-rated quarterbacks in the Combined, Pierce offered his report on some of those quarterbacks, including Williams, Daniels, Drake Maye of North Carolina, J.J. McCarthy of Michigan, Michael Penix Jr. of Washingtony Bo Nix of Oregon.

Los Raiders received Penix y Nix at its facilities last week.

But if Penix o Nix –who appear to be the fifth and sixth available quarterbacks in the upcoming draft, in any order– are there at No. 13, would they be considered by the Raiders to be chosen so high? Otherwise, why use a premium draft pick on a player ranked fifth or sixth best at his position?

Maybe they’ll stay patient and take one of the most coveted cornerbacks, or one of the best offensive tackles available at No. 13, and if Penix o Nix are still available later in the first round, Raiders They can escalate to keep one of them.

Yes indeed, Spencer Rattler of South Carolina It should still be there waiting in the second or third round, right? Their second-round pick is No. 44 overall, and their third-round pick is No. 77.

Keep this in mind: No matter who you select Las Vegas –if the Raiders draft a quarterback–the new guy would essentially be on the same page as O’Connell, Minshew y Brownsince the Raiders They will be learning a new system under the newly arrived coordinator Luke Getsy.

And with everything and that, Pierce He’s mentioned that he’s not a fan of throwing a rookie into the fire right away.

Aidan “She did a tremendous job last year, but, as with any other position on our team, we want her to be as competitive as possible,” he noted. Pierce.

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