Naori Hamada Shines at All-Japan Judo Weight Class Championship

Naori Hamada wins the women’s 78kg final by defeating Beni Ikeda (bottom) = Fukuoka International Center

The final day of the All-Japan Judo Weight Class Championship was held on the 7th at the Fukuoka International Center, with a total of seven classes for men and women taking place.In the women’s 78 kg class, Tokyo Olympics champion Naori Hamada (Self-Defense Forces) won for the fourth time in two years. I accomplished it. Wakaharu Tomita (Komatsu) won the over 78kg class for the fourth time in four consecutive years, and Shiho Tanaka (JR East) won the 70kg class for the second time in two years. In the 63kg class, Minami Aono (Fukuoka Prefectural Police) reached the top for the first time.

For the men, Hiomasa Ota (Asahi Kasei) in the over 100kg class and Goki Tajima (Park 24) in the 90kg class won for the second time in a row. Kasuke Masuyama (Park 24), who won the 100kg class twice when he was in the 90kg class, won for the first time.

Athletes who have been selected to represent this summer’s Paris Olympics are not participating.

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