Morelos Archer Máximo Méndez Ortiz Wins Silver at Pan American Archery Championships, Goes for Gold in Team Event

Archer Lot Máximo Méndez Ortiz, called the Robin Hood of Morelos, secured a silver medal in the 2024 Pan American Archery Championships taking place in Medellín, Colombia; This Saturday, April 13, they will go for team gold against Guatemala.

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The continental championship, which is a qualifier for the Paris Olympic Games, is the major league debut of the athlete from Morelos with the Mexican senior team, making history as the first from the Zapatista entity to climb and rub shoulders at the highest level of shooting. Mexican arch.

In the midst of the nerves for the debut, Máximo, who participates in the compound bow modality, began to shoot his first arrows on the continental stage at the facilities of the Belén Sports Unit in Medellín, managing to qualify for the final round in 11th place.

Already in the final round, the 19-year-old goalkeeper managed to win the medal by adding 703 points, finishing in the classification just 6 away from first place.

Team gold

This Saturday, Robin Hood from Morelos will go for gold in the team category, confirmed his father and coach, Lot Froilán Méndez Mendoza, who follows the competition from Morelos. Regarding Máximo’s participation, he highlighted the debut with the right foot of his pupil at the senior team level.

“So far, after two days of competition, Máximo has already secured silver in Colombia; On the first day of the qualifier he finished in eleventh with 703 points, close to the first place that scored 709,” he commented.

On the other hand, the also president of the Archery Association in Morelos, announced that within the individual Olympic round the athlete finished in 15th place: “I felt him a little nervous, he is very young, it is just his first continental participation, but right now the teams have just advanced to the final and we will have it in the fight for gold tomorrow against Guatemala.”

Máximo Méndez teams up in coffee lands with Juan del Río and Sebastián García, who faced their counterparts from Chile and Colombia in the previous rounds.

They beat the Chilean team in the quarterfinals by 232 points against 229, and in the semifinals they beat the local Colombian team by 237 points against 235.

Support from the UAEM

The state leader acknowledged that to make Máximo Méndez’s participation possible, he had the support of the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos (UAEM), where he is pursuing his higher studies.

“We appreciate the support of the UAEM, the Faculty of Sports Sciences, through Maestro Paco, the director, because that is an important part for an elite athlete to also continue his studies.”

Finally, he said that once his participation in the Pan American Championship is over, Máximo will return to Mexico to work for three days at the National Center for the Development of Sports Talents and High Performance and then he will go to China for the World Cup in Asia, in a competition that will be held starting April 18.

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