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“Mullets, mustaches, and game day style of the Orioles are already emerging in the beginning of the season.”

He expressed that it’s difficult to articulate, but his aim is to explore new territory and showcase more distinctive pieces. Other than that, he has a strong interest in athleisure and particularly enjoys wearing sweats, even in warmer weather because he doesn’t have to keep them on for long.

Gunnar Henderson looked around the clubhouse, pausing to consider his response. His blond hair swirled around his ears and under his cap as he spoke. The flow of his hair was more noticeable from the side, enhanced by his accompanying mustache. In terms of the Orioles’ top mullet, Henderson declared that Cole Irvin’s curls took the prize.

Instead, the group tends to lean towards a relaxed and easygoing style, not necessarily trying out bold street fashion. However, for many of the men, their fashion choices resemble the laid-back vibes of John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.” Or the southern charm of Tyler Childers and Zach Bryan, often playing in the clubhouse before a game.

Mountcastle is currently letting his hair and mustache grow out. Both Jordan Westburg and Austin Hays are also growing mustaches. There is a general agreement that Dean Kremer’s hair is too good to be cut into a mullet. According to Henderson, Corbin Burnes and Mike Baumann could both pull off a mullet look. Irvin also mentioned that Baumann has particularly nice hair.

Mullets and mustaches are only part of the look for part of the team. More broadly, this is a team whose identity on the field is continually shaping with its budding style off of it.

Henderson and Irvin are known for their impressive mullet and facial hair combinations. While Henderson is not picky about who cuts his hair or the details of his haircut, whether it be in his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama or a barber at the clubhouse, Irvin tends to put more thought into it.

Supporters have also observed the pattern.

Is it possible for Adley Rustchman to be included in that group? Gunnar did not hesitate to say that it was not possible. Irvin joked that Adley struggled with his mustache, but was interested in the concept of him sporting a mullet and wondered how it would mesh with his Oregonian background.

“I have a specific preference,” stated Irvin, who has maintained his mullet since his days in Oakland. “I usually have a taper cut to a four, as I prefer to have longer hair on top. Occasionally, I will have a two or three, but at the very top I might have a four. It’s a slight taper. The rest is just trimmed with scissors. A proper mullet stays tucked behind the ears.”

Except for a few instances, Cedric Mullins and Anthony Santander are often considered the top contenders for a “best dressed” award by their teammates.

Gunnar Henderson occasionally chooses to wear jeans and boots as part of his pregame attire, showcasing his ties to Alabama. (Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Orioles)

Occasionally, Mullins attempts to coordinate a day where the entire team wears suits. He humorously stated that he does this to observe who is putting effort into their outfit.
Irvin, whose locker sits directly across the clubhouse, gave his vote right back to the reigning American League Rookie of the Year. Baseball aside, Henderson’s country boy look — which his fiance Katherine Lee Bishop encouraged him to keep this season — is becoming part of his notoriety.

Someone exclaimed “The magical abilities of the mustache!” as Henderson stepped up to bat in Saturday’s victory against the Milwaukee Brewers. Going by that reasoning, the mustache played a role in his successful hit up the middle shortly after.

Irvin stated that Gun’s appearance is currently strong, particularly with his blonde mustache reminiscent of Roy “Doc” Holliday.

What words would Mullins use to characterize the development of his personal aesthetic?

“I absolutely adore the mullet hairstyle,” Irvin stated. “It’s very trendy at the moment.”

Cedric Mullins is known for his casual fashion sense during home games, often seen wearing Branded Bespoke hoodies, sweatpants, or hats from Towson. The team sees him as one of their best-dressed players. (Courtesy of the Baltimore Orioles)

The man appreciated a new blue and white jacket with thin stripes, paired with a light blue shirt and white cuffs. “It looks very sleek,” he stated. “I think I’ll wear white sneakers with it, to keep the outfit minimal.”

Mullins has collaborated with Branded Bespoke, a Towson-based company, on his wardrobe. Some days he styles himself, while other days he relies on the expertise of the brand. Branded Bespoke has also worked with Ravens players Zay Flowers, Isaiah Likely, and Malik Hamm, and even traveled to Sarasota, Florida for spring training. They assist Mullins with a range of attire, from formal suits to comfortable clothing for travel.

James McCann has donned a cowboy hat and pearl snap shirt. Irvin depends on his wife’s assistance. She arranges clothing items for him to pack and refers to the selection as his “outfits ready to go.”

At home games, Mullins often arrives at the stadium wearing a coordinated sweat suit. However, he puts more effort into his outfits for away games, such as during the previous year’s American League Divisional Series where he donned a double-breasted Italian Wool suit jacket paired with an Egyptian cotton dress shirt.

Irvin has been compared to Danny McBride’s character Kenny Powers from the HBO series “Eastbound and Down” by some, including Ryan Mountcastle, a player for the Orioles.

Mullins stated that each individual has their own distinct style and it is a reflection of their personal preferences. This concept plays a role in both feeling good and confident in their outfit while heading out to the field, and is a crucial part of their preparation.

Irvin predicted that he will eventually debut a Western-style bolo tie.

Santander is another individual who was recognized for being one of the most stylish members of the team. According to Irvin, he consistently brings a fashionable presence and dresses appropriately.

The Orioles may not be known for their fashionable game day attire. Only Rustchman from the team was showcased on @mlb.fits Instagram page, which has 100,000 followers. He wore a stylish maroon suit at the MLB Awards event, but the measure of his impact is up for interpretation.

It is becoming commonly seen.

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Monza Police Train 120 Nurses in Self-Defense Techniques with Italian Champion Danilo Bignone

There are 120 nurses who will participate in the self-defense course of the Monza and Brianza Police Headquarters. After the initiative for doctors, therefore, the police turned to nurses registered…

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