Monza Police Headquarters Launches Self-Defense Course for Nurses

After the first self-defense course dedicated to doctors, the Monza police headquarters has started a new one self defense course for nurses registered with the Order of Nursing Professions of Milan-Lodi-Monza and Brianza.
There are 120 nurses enrolled in the lessons held by the personal defense instructor of the State Police, assistant chief coordinator Danilo Bignone, former member of the Fiamme Oro of the State Police, absolute Italian wrestling champion, black belt in judo, wrestling coach and instructor of mixed martial arts, in service at the Monza Police Headquarters, with the supervision of the chief commissioner Alessandro Barone and the help of the assistant chief coordinator Pietro Cavallo.
Every Wednesday afternoon, nurses can take part in training sessions, during which they can learn simple but effective self-defense techniques, thus learning to counter aggression.
“During the lessons – we read in a press release from the Police Headquarters – situations will be discussed in which the attack could start from strangulation, with a grip on the gown, with a blocking of the hands, but also by addressing fundamental contrast techniques in case of body-to-body contact in a ground scenario”.
Yesterday the police commissioner Salvatore Barilaro welcomed the first twenty nurses and wished them the best of luck in their training.

2024-04-18 10:22:44
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