Molfetta Basketball Falls Short in Matera: A Tough Loss After Strong Start

Molfetta Basketball, what a waste: always ahead, they are caught up and lose in Matera After a first half that brings applause, coach Gesmundo’s team from +12 finds itself behind and throws itself away in the final Gesmundo

MOLFETTA – Defeat, the seventh of the season, and many regrets for Pallacanestro Molfetta who fell to Matera: after a match conducted from the start, the red and whites threw themselves away and found the second knockout in a row away from home. The big match of the twenty-fourth round of the single series C championship ends 75-72. Great credit to the hosts, who despite the double-digit deficit in the last quarter, believed in the comeback and turned the game around driven by the two bombs in a row scored by Biasich. Infante’s 20 points, Duval’s 15, Didonna’s (15 points) and Iannelli’s 8 points and 16 rebounds were not enough for the Molfetta people. In the fourth period, conditioned by some questionable choices by the De Caro-Carella refereeing duo, there was a lack of clarity. And Duval’s final bomb that would impact the game and take the match to overtime.
The news. In Matera, Gesmundo presents himself with his usual quintet (Ippedico, Didonna, Chiriatti, Duval and Iannelli): after a start that sees the two teams always side by side in the score (4-4), it is Didonna who makes the first breakthrough with the basket which is worth +7: 4-11. The home team, without Buono, reduces (10-15), the visiting team signs the first mini-stretch, 14-26 by Duval, but then collects a terrifying partial (8-0). At the first siren it’s 22-26. Infante bites from 6.75 (24-29), Matera revives and puts its head ahead with De Angelis (31-29), Duval impacts (31 all), then, after overtaking and counter-overtaking, Didonna and Infante get the +4: 34 -38. In the last minute, Chiriatti’s outburst, with two bombs in a row, was worth +7: at the break it was 37-44. We start again with Duval’s triple (40-47) and while Matera no longer finds the basket, Didonna also manages the three-point play for the maximum advantage: 40-52. The pressure from Iannelli was important as he took action on his own and responded blow for blow (43-54 and 46-46), then Didonna resolved a moment of not exactly sparkling basketball with the +6 at the buzzer: 52-58. Two free throws from Infante and a triple from Duval give Pavimaro a +10 (53-63), but Matera raises its head again (11-3, 64-66) and launches the assault. Ippedico and Chiriatti shoot from the arc, Biasich doesn’t forgive and puts Matera up 1, 67-66. Infante takes the lead (67-68), Biasich scores another three fundamental points (70-68), while Stella reduces the gap (74-72). Molfetta no longer scores and even Duval’s last prayer, from 6.75, does not swell the retina. It ends 75-72, PalaSassi explodes.
The post-race. A red disc, that of Matera, which brings with it many regrets. «It is a defeat that hurts for the result – said Gesmundo -, but there is the awareness that when we are clear and available towards our team-mates we do great things: we have put a team in great crisis that has not lost at home for two years and probably with some more protection (in the third quarter, 8-1 the count of fouls, editor’s note) we could have even brought it home. I’m sorry, but with Canosa and Matera – he underlined – we also lost for these reasons. We also have demerits, let’s be clear, like keeping the ball still in the fourth period, but unfortunately you can’t be perfect.” Molfetta, despite the knockout and the refereeing controversies, is still in the play-offs: «Some whistles influenced the match, but we didn’t lose because of this – clarified Gesmundo -. And we are still optimistic because we have shown that we can also compete away from home.” Especially from a play-off perspective.

ASD Ondatel Virtus Matera
Visceglia no, Digno no, Biasich 6, Belgrano no, Spada 8, Procopio 9, De Laurentiis, Morciano 17, Bagdonavicius 15, Donati 9, De Mola 7, De Angelis 4. Coach: Minafra.
SSD Pavimaro Molfetta
Caniglia ne, Ippedico 3, Stella 5, Solimini ne, Chiriatti 6, Didonna 15, Duval 15, La Macchia ne, Kodra ne, Iannelli 8, Infante 20, Altamura. Coach: Gesmundo.
Referees: De Caro (Lequile) and Carella (Brindisi).
Partial: 22-26; 37-44; 52-58; 75-72.
Note: Nobody.

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