Maya Segawa Claims Victory at 39th Empress Cup Judo Championships

Judo Empress Cup All Japan Women’s Championship (April 21, 2024 Kanagawa/Yokohama Budokan)

Segawa attacking Kodama (right) in the final match (Photo by Tomomi Aizu)
Photo By Sponichi

Maya Segawa (26 = ALSOK) took her first victory in the tournament, which pits Japan’s top women in all weight categories.

In the finals, she stole the waza-ari from Hikaru Kodama (SBC Shonan Beauty Clinic), who has been in the top 4 for the past three years, and in the end, she pushed him with a cumulative guidance of 4 and won by ippon due to a foul from her opponent. She was delighted, saying, “She had been in the top eight for a long time, so she wanted to win.”

Segawa, a native of Hokkaido, joined ALSOK in April 2020 after attending Hokkai High School and Pacific Rim University. He has been active as one of the top players in Japan for many years, winning the Kodokan Cup in 2018. He got married in March of last year and changed his registered name from his maiden name, Akiba, to Segawa. In the on-site interview after winning, she exclaimed, “Yuki, I won! Thank you so much. I love you!”, which excited the audience.

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2024-04-21 16:46:15
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