Maya Pengaud Earns Black Belt in Judo: A Well-Deserved Achievement

Maya Pengaud from the Pont-Salomon/Saint-Ferréol-d’Auroure judo club received a black belt.

She brilliantly won many competitive fights, giving her the points necessary to claim the 1st dan black belt in judo, subject to passing the Katas, which she also accomplished brilliantly.

In the photo Maya is accompanied by Charlène Pastel and Marion Demore, two jujitsukate, Marion practices combat jujitsu, Charlène recreational jujitsu.

Jujistu, whether combat or leisure, is a martial art which integrates fist-to-foot practice and allows, during regular training, to acquire a technique which can be useful in the event of an attack, in the same way as self-defense.

The moral code remains the framework for all disciplines taught within the framework of the France Judo federation of which the Pont-Salomon/Saint-Ferréol-d’Auroure club is a member.

2024-04-13 08:08:35
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