“Masters”/”Ulbroka” Claim Victory in “Elvi Floorball League” Men’s Tournament

“Masters”/”Ulbroka” floorball players became the winners of the “Elvi Floorball League” men’s tournament on Saturday in Riga.

“Masters”/”Ulbroka” defeated Tulsa NSS/”Krauzers” 6:2 (2:1, 1:1, 3:0) in the final, winning the championship title for the third time.

In the ninth minute, Talsu team player Artis Raitums scored a goal, but one minute and 59 seconds before the end of the third period, after goals scored by Tom Bitmanis and Krišjānis Kremer, Ulbroka floorball players were already in the lead.

Toms Akmeņlauks restored the tie in the 25th minute, but in the 36th minute, Kevin Šmits put the Ulbroka team in the lead.

In the 52nd minute, Andrejs Škerbergs received a red card and four penalty minutes for injuring Ulbrok goalkeeper Ivars Dishereitas. In addition, Dishereit had to leave the goal, making way for Robert Brant in goal.

Eddy Šenbergs made it 4:2 with a shot in front of the goal during the majority.

5:2 in the 49th minute was achieved by Rudolphs Vilmanis, and in the 57th minute Kevin Schmidt made it 6:2 with a long shot into the upper corner of the goal.

A little more than six minutes before the end of the game, the team started to change the goalkeeper for a field player, but there was no success.

Šmits still hit the structure of the Talsenik goal, but the result did not change.

In the Talsi team, Andrejs Škerbergs stood out in scoring both goals with two assists.

Jānis Ragovskis and Bitmanis were recognized as the best in their teams.

Ulbroka’s floorball players shot 21 times, and Talseniks – 16 times.

In the semi-finals, Talsinieki beat Cēsis “Lekrings” 4-2, while “Masters”/”Ulbroka” convincingly defeated “Valmiera”/”Betsafe” team 4-1.

In the previous season, “Lielvārde”/”FatPipe” became the champion, beating the floorball players of “Valmiera” 5:4 in the final.

It has already been reported that NND/RJTC became the champions in the final of the women’s tournament on Saturday as part of the super finals in “Arena Rīga”, which beat the floorball players of Kocēni “Rubenes” 7:4 (3:1, 2:3, 2:0), the bronze medals of the men’s tournament was won by “Lekrings” of Cēsis, which defeated “Valmiera”/”Betsafe” with 8:1 (2:0, 1:1, 5:0), while “Kurši” FSS of Liepāja is playing for the championship title of the first league men’s tournament with 6: 4 (1:0, 2:2, 3:2) defeated “Legions”/”Grobinės SC”.


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