Manchester City Coach Discusses Champions League Loss to Real Madrid

The Manchester City coach spoke to the media after his team’s elimination against Real Madrid in the Champions League.

Ancelotti said it was the only way to beat City: “What a compliment! Real Madrid must be congratulated. It’s not a question of justice or injustice. We couldn’t score another goal. As a coach, we think about creating more and making them create less, but sometimes it’s not enough. There’s nothing to blame us. They’re in the semi-final and we’re not.

Was there another way to win this match:
“I don’t know. When Madrid play us again, we’ll see. We have to show finesse in the last meters. In the last games we played here we were at a very high level. In the 4- 3 and 4-0, we dominated, and today too, but we didn’t manage to score.

Is there anything you regret about this match? “I have to congratulate Real Madrid, who defended very well and showed incredible solidarity. I have no regrets. We always try to create more chances. We did everything. In defense and In attack, apart from two or three transitions, we played exceptionally well in all aspects, but unfortunately we could not win.

He doesn’t regret bringing out Haaland and De Bruyne? “They asked me to take them out, they couldn’t continue.”

Is defeat more painful on penalties? We should have won because of the way we played. Everyone was at their best. To beat Real Madrid, you have to be at your best. We were, but it wasn’t enough.”

Was your team unlucky: “There’s no such thing as luck, as Cruyff said. We didn’t score. We did everything except score. Losing like that hurts. But at the same time, it’s great. We’re bad today, and we will be tomorrow too. We can’t win every time, but we tried and we worked well. We showed our personality against Madrid and I don’t know what more we could have done. on penalties 4-3, that’s what we missed.”

How do you explain Madrid’s victory:
“It’s football. In another sport we might have won, but football is wonderful for those things. We could only play the way we did, shoot on goal, make good transitions … We weren’t asking to win 4-0, just to be us and show our personality. That’s what we did, but it wasn’t enough. We should have scored earlier. “All that remains is to congratulate Madrid for their ability to defend and resist. They played very well and we couldn’t score.”

Are the clashes between City and Madrid the best in Europe: “I’m sure the fans enjoyed it and the Madrid fans will be happier than ever. We got a good result at the Bernabeu, but today we couldn’t qualify. Real managed to hang on “We always find a way to break through such tight defenses, but today we missed something. We have to accept it.”

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