MALAGA CF | Real Murcia prepares a historic trip to La Rosaleda

He Málaga CF usually brings more than 23,000 people to La Rosaleda in every day. The Martiricos stadium is almost completely blue and white and knows the role it plays in the team’s path. There are some rival fans, of course, that have also made themselves noticed, as could have happened in the last home match with the Ceuta fans, with more than a thousand followers, or as happened with the visit of Algeciras.

But what can happen this Sunday with the Real Murcia landing (12.00 hours) on the Costa del Sol has no precedent, not even in the Second Division. The Grana club is already preparing an invasion of La Rosaleda that will be around two thousand people. A figure that will not only put the focus on what happens on the pitch, but also in the stands.

At this point in the season, all the teams have something important at stake, with the exception of Recreativo Granada, which has already been relegated. Málaga CF wants to close its place in the play off as soon as possible and aim for that second place. And Real Murcia is in a similar situation. Despite a very irregular start, with a change of coach, He will reach the end of the course with options to fight for promotion and they are going to look for him with all their fans dedicated this Sunday in Malaga.

And package of 1,200 tickets is what the Martiricos club has given to its rival, each of them at a price of 15 euros, located in the visitor’s area. They went on sale on Monday, only in person at the official store, and the purchasing process indicates that they will all sell out in a matter of a few days. In fact, only 700 seats had been given – as is done with all teams and from Murcia they requested 500 more.

But the Grana fans are not going to stop there. The pepper club estimates that they are another thousand people who are going to travel to Malaga. They cannot be placed in the visiting zone, although they can be placed in adjacent sectors or other places in the stadium from which to cheer on your team. There are many organized trips, some to spend the entire weekend on the Costa del Sol.

As is evident, these are First Division match numbers. Both teams have already faced each other in the first two categories of Spanish football, but we are talking about figures that go far beyond what can be seen in Primera RFEF. We will also have to see what is recorded in Deportivo de La Coruña-Cultural Leonesa, but Málaga CF-Real Murcia will surpass many other LaLiga matches in fans EA Sports.

La Rosaleda will be up to the task

There are still several thousand tickets to sell, I’m sure La Rosaleda will be up to the task. It has already been demonstrated throughout the year and this Wednesday comes a solidarity opportunity to get free tickets. The Martiricos club hosts a blood donation campaign and the first 500 donors will have the opportunity to see the blue and white team at no cost.

If all of them are joined by the 20,000 subscribers, all the families who come in full to the Martiricos stadium when the match takes place on Sunday in the morning, and the 2,000 fans estimated by Real Murcia, the show is assured, a play off atmosphere.

The first step will be taken from the stands and Málaga CF needs to transform it into victory. A victory would sink one of the rivals who have been seriously pushing from below. The best performance for reconquer La Rosaleda.

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