Maestro Luca Padovan Awarded Prestigious Cintura 6° in Judo: A Recognition of Excellence and Dedication

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The cintura 6° and it is one of the degrees that i judoka they acquire through merit and indicates a competence that goes beyond the technical one, but which highlights the guiding role of future generations and the commitment to the development of judo at both a national and international level. And this is the recognition obtained by maestro Luca Padovanfounder and president of Samurai company of Porto Valtravaglia.

To give it to him motu proprio – “Which recognition of the decades-long and meritorious work turning point in favor of Italian judo and in consideration of the many particular merits acquired through the ever-increasing commitment demonstrated for the technical development and diffusion of the discipline” – the president of FIJLKAM (Italian Federation of Judo Wrestling Karate Martial Arts) Domenico Falcone.

Sin dal 2000 Padovan dedicated himself to kata sector of judo, where he embarked on a long journey that has led him to today.

First the regional competitions, then the entry into the representative team Italian national team where, paired with Giacomo De Cerce from Milan, thanks to an excellent and rapid rise, he won three Italian golds, seven silvers and a bronze and then competed numerous international competitions, from Toronto to Sao Paulo in Brazil, to win the first gold in Saint Petersburg, others in Bucharest and Prague, and a world bronze in Malta. In the meantime he also founded the Samurai societywhere he is still also a teacher, and has become a coach, instructor and teacher again with FIJLKAM.

NumerousThen, the recognitions obtained During the years by CONI, the Federation, the Province of Varese and the Municipality of Porto Valtravaglia, including: sportsman of the year from the Province of Varese (2004), recognition from the Municipality of Porto for the world championship won in Sao Paulo, Brazil (2007), the title of “Azzurro” from FIJLKAM (2007), silver medal to the athletic value of CONI (2012), provincial recognition of the Azzurri d’Italia association, again from CONI (2013) and further recognition from the Province for the medals won over the years (2014). Added to this are all the diplomas that Padovan has acquired in Japan in the meantime.

Last, in order of time, the sixth dan, a prestigious and highly coveted level by all judoka masters who, once achieved, can wear a white and red belt as a symbol: «It is It’s wonderful to know that CONI and the Federation recognize the work you have done and will continue to do – states Padovan – I currently teach for the Porto Valtravaglia judo club and for the Federation in the Lombardy Regional Committee and I am also a national referee. This degree frame with all happiness my career and my passion for judo.”

“We are proud of this very high honor of the world of judo which embellishes and rewards the hard work and professionalism that the Master dedicates daily to many young people in our area with Judo Samurai Porto ASD”, is the comment of themunicipal administration of Porto Valtravaglia.

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