M. Tahir’s comments regarding naturalization in the Indonesian National Team attract the attention of the Vietnamese media

Bola.net – M. Tahir’s comments regarding the quality of the Indonesian National Team’s naturalized players, who are 11-12, aka not much different from local players, have apparently attracted the attention of the Vietnamese media.

Named media The Thao 247 said the Indonesian national team was experiencing conflict because of the naturalization policy of the national football federation, aka PSSI. “The Indonesian midfielder called for competition between naturalized players and native players,” wrote the media, quoted on Sunday (7/4/2024).

“Feeling dissatisfied with the Indonesian football federation’s naturalization policy, an Indonesian midfielder wants to hold a competition between native and naturalized players.”

“Recently, midfielder Muhammad Tahir, a native player who played in the Indonesian national championship, made a surprising statement about too many naturalized players being able to play for the Indonesian national team,” he continued.

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Quality 11-12

Thom Haye’s action in the Vietnam vs Indonesia match on matchday 4 of Group F of the 2026 World Cup Qualification at My Dinh Stadium, Tuesday (26/03/2024). (c) Doc. PSSI

The name M. Tahir has recently become a hot topic of conversation among the Indonesian football public. Not a few people criticized the 30 year old player because of his statement regarding naturalized players. Tahir regrets the naturalization program that PSSI is currently continuing to intensify.

The achievements of the Indonesian National Team are indeed good, but according to M. Tahir there is no need for too much naturalization. He even assessed the quality of local players 11-12 from hereditary players.

“Now there are too many naturalizations, really. It’s not unhealthy, it’s just a pity that we hold competitions in the country, what’s the point?,” said Tahir on the channel YouTube Talking Football.

“We only lost because they played abroad, we played domestically. That’s all we lost, if our quality was 11-12 with them. We weren’t far behind.”

“Just try if PSSI wants to hold a trial between local players and naturalized players, I’m sure you can win because of the Garuda symbol on your chest,” he continued.

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Shin Tae-yong glanced at him

Indonesian National Team Coach, Shin Tae-yong (c) Bola.net/Bagaskara Lazuardi

The Thao 247 also explained that Shin Tae-yong once called the former Persipura Jayapura player to join the Indonesian national team squad. At that time, Tahir had the opportunity to attend a training camp to prepare for the 2022 World Cup Qualification match.

“Muhammad Tahir is 30 years old and was called up to the national team by coach Shin Tae-yong in 2020 but was eliminated because he failed to compete for a position,” read the report. The Thao 247.

“Apart from talking about naturalized players, Muhammad Tahir praised coach Shin Tae-yong for always knowing how to build a strong team,” he concluded.

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Published: 07/04/2024

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