Luis Alberto, what’s behind the split with Lazio?

I know that this is my last season here, I will no longer be part of the project. I don’t want to take another euro from Lazio, I have already asked for the contract to be terminated”. There is no time to celebrate the victory at home Lazioagainst Salernitana. Luis Alberto he blurts out like this in front of the cameras, after a match played in a surreal atmosphere, with the whistles and the protest from the Curva Nord after the derby lost against Roma.

I’ll leave the next four years to others – said the Spaniard – Rightly so, stepping aside from this club has given me a lot. The time has come to step aside and leave my salaries to others”. The final word in the story between Luis Alberto and Lazio? Maybe yes, even if in the past they had come close to breaking up on other occasions.

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Luis Alberto and Lazio, a complicated story

Something had also cracked in the summer, just before the renewal of the contract until 2028. “There is a limit beyond which patience ceases to be a virtue” Luis Alberto wrote in a story on his Instagram profile. The next day, for training, he isn’t there. The agreement, however, has been in place since the end of the season, in June, just as there is the third wheel, l’Al Hilal which promises a salary four times higher than that of the Lazio.

There is also something to weigh on the relationship between the Spaniard and the Formello club an old story of bonuses: almost 150 thousand euros, according to what we read in the Corriere della Sera, which push him not to appear on the pitch for the friendly match against Aston Villa on 3 August. Then something changes, the tone relaxes and the renewal arrives in October. But Luis Alberto’s complicated season is certainly not over.

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The change on the bench

It is a particular season for Lazio, last year’s second place is just a distant memory, the team is having difficulty and the one paying the highest price is Maurizio Sarri. “With the advent of Tudor, he told me he would probably prefer to change teams for reasons I won’t go into here – explained the Sports Director FabianiNo one promised or signed resolutions. I want to say that contracts are made to be respected. It is a situation that must be explored calmly and serenely. It is clear that it will not go unnoticed in the eyes of society”. A company that, through the mouth of the owner Lotitohas already dictated the line: “Whether a team is found willing to buy him, at 0 he won’t go anywhere”.

Aftermath, grudges, skeletons in the closet. Thus ends the love story between Luis Alberto and Lazio. Or at least that’s how it would seem.

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