Lotte Kopecky is eager for “super cool” Paris-Roubaix: “But last year should not be the standard”

D-Day for Lotte Kopecky (28). April 6 has been marked red in her diary for months, because the world champion wants to put Paris-Roubaix on her list of honors for her 4th participation. What do the head and legs say at the start in Denain?

“Have I been looking forward to this race the most?” Lotte Kopecky sighed deeply, but her answer spoke volumes. “Yes, you can say that.”

“I think Paris-Roubaix is ​​great. This race suits me and I haven’t won here yet. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Kopecky explored yesterday. “It was in reasonable condition, but there are treacherous parts where it suddenly becomes slippery. That can lead to situations like last year. You have to be alert.”

Much has already been said and written about her form and that of her SD Worx-Protime team. “We also say it in our team: last year was fantastic, a year you could almost only dream about.”

“We realize that it will not be like this every year. That should not be the standard, because the other women also do everything for it every day. It is not self-evident to just set all the courses to your liking.”

There are treacherous stretches on the cobblestones where it suddenly becomes slippery. That can lead to situations like last year. You have to be alert.

Lotte Kopecky

Will Kopecky try to decide this race on Carrefour de l’Arbre, the last 5 star strip? “Difficult to say. The wind is not really favorable to force it there, but there are moments before and afterwards where it is possible.”

Although it can also become a sprint on the track. “Do I dare to sprint against everyone? I dare, but whether I can beat everyone is something else.”

It cannot be ruled out that teammate Lorena Wiebes will also be there. “What we do when we hit the slopes together? You’ll see. We’ve talked about it, yes.”

As a piste, Kopecky has an advantage, right? “This is a different course. Moreover, a track race takes 25 to 30 minutes, this race takes 4 hours.”

“You cannot compare it, although I can take technical and tactical matters into account,” said Kopecky, who calls Marianne Vos as her biggest competitor.

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