Lothar Matthäus Suggests Thomas Tuchel Could Be Immediately Expelled From FC Bayern After Defeat

After the 2-3 defeat at 1. FC Heidenheim, according to record national player Lothar Matthäus, Thomas Tuchel could be immediately expelled from FC Bayern.

“I’m excited to see what happens at Bayern in the next 24 hours. I could even imagine that they’ll continue to try with an interim coach,” said Matthäus on “Sky”.

According to the 63-year-old, Tuchel no longer makes the team. “Last week’s embarrassing performance against Dortmund and today’s result says a lot,” complained Matthäus and added: “He gives strange press conferences and makes strange statements. The team somehow needs a new impulse and Thomas Tuchel can no longer give that.”

According to the TV expert, “the chemistry is no longer right.” “There is always something that can be saved, but I think the atmosphere is broken between Thomas Tuchel and the team,” said Matthäus.

But he didn’t have a specific successor ready for the end of the season: “I don’t have anyone in mind. The coaches who have been played now (Julian Nagelsmann and Roberto De Zerbi; editor’s note) are planned for the future.”

Despite the bankruptcy, Tuchel received a job guarantee from sports director Christoph Freund and sports director Max Eberl. “Yes, one hundred percent, everyone has to take a look at their own nose,” said Freund in response to a question on “Sky”.

“Everyone has to look in the mirror, that cannot be our claim, we are talking about an issue that we as a group have to question, that is unacceptable,” added Freund. Tuchel is trying everything “to get energy in”. The Champions League is the last chance for a title for Bayern. “We all know that we can and must do things differently,” said Freund.

Shortly afterwards, sports director Max Eberl explained: “It will definitely go into the next few weeks.” A separation before Arsenal is out of the question: “I didn’t have that thought.”

However, Eberl did not want to confirm that this job guarantee also applies until the end of the season. “We have to make sure we reach the Champions League,” said the 50-year-old: “But it is completely clear to me that he will be on the bench next Tuesday and will be on the bench against Cologne on Saturday.” However, Tuchel has to watch the game against Cologne from the stands because he received his fourth yellow card for complaining in Heidenheim and is therefore banned from the next league game.

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