Llerenense takes on the leader and the enthusiasm of an entire city

Probable Lineups

GYMNASTICS: Pablo Vicente, Silva, David López, Chupo, De la Mata, Llorente, Astray, Manu, Plomer and Dani Segovia.

LLERENENSE: Lolo, Peter Toro, English, Iker, Juanpe, Mario Tome, Alvaro, Celihueta, Dani Martinez, Paul Silversmith, Maikel

REFEREE: Fernando Moreno Osuna (Castilla-La Mancha)

TIME: 18.00

Without complexes, aware of his opportunity and hopeful for his performance. This is how you face Llerenense’s match this Sunday, starting at 6:00 p.m., at the municipal stadium of La Albuera in Segoviawhere he faces the leader of group V, the Segovian Gymnastics, which is the team with the best current streak in the group and depends on itself in these last three days to be champion and promote to First Federation. A priori, it is the most complicated game that Llerenense could face at a delicate moment of the season, located in the playout position and with a team stalking like lions to put them in the relegation trap. But this Llerenense has been playing finals since the first day. He has become accustomed to suffering blows of all colors, to combining and intertwining very good streaks with very bad ones. He knows his reality, his humble budget and clings to that passion to overcome adversity to leave Llerena, for another year, in this category.

Llerenense does not want to play with self-consciousness in the leader’s field. «We know that we are going into a complicated field and facing a leader who is not a leader by chance. But there are three days left, there are no excuses and we will go there to win, as we do every Sunday,” says Luismi Álvarez, their coach.

It has been a positive week in terms of training. Llerenense has recovered three very important players for its schemes, such as Maxi Ribeiro, Bayo and Gustavo Quezada. The latter is fully recovered and will be the starter. The other two have trained at a slower pace, but may be in the squad. Luismi knows that Gimnástica Segoviana is not going to relax in this type of match so close to promotion. The Llerenense coach will return to the bench after serving two games of suspension.


Llerenense will face a great team and a city, Segovia, dedicated to its own. The municipal hall of La Albuera will present an extraordinary full house for this Sunday. Gimnástica has won its last four games and has only conceded one goal in them. Of those four, three were against teams from Extremadura.

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