LIVE – Leinster-La Rochelle: complicated start for the Maritimes

Unconvincing this season, La Rochelle challenges a mountain, Leinster, this Saturday (6:30 p.m.) in the quarter-final of the Champions Cup. A match that sounds like yet another revenge.


La Rochelle comes close to disaster (23rd, 10-3)

Gibson-Park thought he had scored his team’s 2nd try but the hand and Gregory Alldritt saved the Maritimes. The European champions were very hot. Leinster misses 2 big opportunities to widen the gap. La Rochelle is still at 7 points but is suffering a lot.


Leinster does damage (20th, 10-3)

The Irish are back in the 22 La Rochelle and are doing a lot of harm to the maritime defense. Lowe is once again very close to flattening for the 2nd time. The Dubliners put a lot of pressure and made the difference out wide.


Penalty for La Rochelle! (19th, 10-3)

Hastoy passes his team’s first 3 points. The Rochelais respond immediately to Leinster but are still 7 points behind.


Leinster try! (16th, 10-0)

Lowe’s try for Leinster! Big sequence from the Irish who pounded and ended up cracking the La Rochelle defense. Lowe, sent wide, overtakes the Maritimes and scores the first try of the match. Byrne transforms. 10-0 for the Dubliners.


Leinster gains ground (15th, 3-0)

The Irish bludgeon the La Rochelle defense and approach the maritime goal.


Lowe tries the kicking game (14th, 3-0)

The Leinster N.11 hits a long, grazing kick on the wing. The Irishman accelerates but the La Rochelle defense is not fooled. Returns from in-goal for the Maritimes.


Thomas makes the difference (13th, 3-0)

Teddy Thomas pierces the Leinster defense before passing to Kerr-Barlow who is tackled in the process. The Irish once again manage to scratch the ball. The Maritimes are subsequently penalized.


The Irish recover the ball (11th, 3-0)

For the first time in the match, the Maritimes invaded the Leinster camp thanks to a carried ball. The Dubliners nevertheless scratch the ball and can leave.


Seuteni in legs (9th, 3-0)

The Rochelais resists a first tackle before breaking a defensive line. It is subsequently stopped.


Penalty for Leinster! (8th, 3-0)

Byrne passes the first 3 points of the match and opens the scoring.


Lowe attempts 50-22 (6e, 0-0)

The Leinster full-back taps and tries to find the 50-22 in the maritime camp but Hastoy follows up well.


First scrum (4th, 0-0)

The people of Rochelle are in shock. Good outing from Hastoy for La Rochelle, who finds the touchline on the halfway line.


Leinster already on the attack (2nd, 0-0)

The Irish put a lot of pressure at the start of the match. The Maritimes are struggling to get out of their camp.


Kerr-Barlow sous pression (1e, 0-0)

For the first ball of the match. The New Zealander from La Rochelle is under pressure to hit his kick, which is slightly unscrewed.


Let’s go !

Start of this quarter-final between Leinster and La Rochelle.


The players enter the pitch

Kick-off in a few seconds.


La Rochelle in Irish hell

The match will be played at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, to a sold-out crowd. Maritimers know what to expect.


We meet once again

Leinster-La Rochelle, the new classic of continental meetings. The Maritimes and the Irish province face each other for the fifth time in four years with a place in the last four in their sights. This match is above all a remake of the last two finals of the competition. It smells like powder.


Leinster line-up

Hugo Keenan withdraws from this quarter-final.


The lineup of Stade Rochelais


Hello everyone

Welcome to this live to follow the Champions Cup quarter-final between Leinster and La Rochelle. Kick-off 6:30 p.m.

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