LIVE – France-Italy: the Blues take the break


Italy makes a series of mistakes (14-3, 27th)

The Italians are penalized for not releasing the ball in a ruck zone. A new foul occurred after multiple forwards and high tackles.


Second try for the French (14-3, 24th)

After a good run, the French number 1, Deshayes flattens the ball into the Italian goal. Queroy transforms. +11 for the French.


Rigoni scores the first Italian points (7-3, 22nd)

Rigoni’s kick allowed the Italians to score their first points of the match on a penalty.


The disciplined French defense (7-0, 19th)

Talians put pressure on the defense. Solid in the rucks, the Blues recovered the ball without making any mistakes.


Volley save for Bourdon (7-0, 17th)

After making a volley save, Bourdon plays quickly and pierces the first Italian curtain. A few meters further, the Blues are penalized for another move forward.


Rigoni plays the key (7-0, 15th)

After a high tackle from the French, Rigoni obtains a penalty. The latter does not take the points and finds a touch in the 22 French.


First foray of the Italians into the French camp (7-0, 12th)

Sanctioned, the Blue allowed the Italians to find a touch in the French camp. A lost throw after Vecchini’s poor throw-in.


France occupies the field

France had the ball 79% of the time at the start of the match. A one-sided match. The French try to take cover by cracking the Italian defense.


Escudero misses his pass (7-0, 8th)

The French number 6 misses her pass. Italy can regain control of the ball and breathe.


Hand fault of the French (7-0, 6th)

After a long phase of pressure, the French were penalized. Bourdon moved forward. Scrum, Italy introduction to follow in their 5 meters.


Queyroi between the poles (7-0, 4th)

The French flyhalf scored her first points with her foot. What a start to the French match.


Konde offers the first try (5-0, 2nd)

After a big phase of progression, Konde fakes the pass and scores the first try of the match. A dream start to the match for the XV of France.


The French progress (0-0, 1st)

Escudero then Boulard hit the Italian defense. France but already the pressure.


Kick-off given

The French kick off. Ball in possession of the Italians in their camp. Madame Neville, who will end her career at the end of the match, is blowing the whistle.


The Marseillaise resonates

The French women and their audience give voice by singing the Marseillaise in unison. The Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra is present in the stands.


Tribute paid to André Boniface

The former French international died this Monday at the age of 89. The Jean Bouin stadium pays tribute to him.


Victory to approach England

With three victories in as many matches, the English occupy the lead in the tournament. If successful, the French would remain in contact with the English.


The XV of Italy


Hello everyone

Welcome to this live dedicated to the third day of the Six Nations Tournament. France receives Italy at Jean Bouin (Paris).

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