“Liberty Media will be a perfect step for the evolution of MotoGP”

The CEO of Dorna celebrated the sale of the shares to a company with a “great track record” that will not change the management of the World Cup


The CEO of Dorna Sports, Carmelo Ezpeleta, explained this Thursday at a press conference the agreement with Liberty Media for the sale of 86% of its shares, a signature that will be completed at the end of 2024 and that will not change the management of the MotoGP World Championship, thereby increasing its “value” and “evolution”.

“Last week we made a very special announcement. Liberty Media has acquired 86% of Dorna’s shares and the agreement is expected to be signed by the end of the year,” said the CEO of the Spanish company that owns MotoGP within the framework of the GP of the Americas.

In an appearance in Austin (Texas), Ezpeleta celebrated this agreement with the owner of Formula 1 and for the benefit of MotoGP. “During this time we will continue with our current structure; even after the agreement, Dorna will continue to operate as an independent company, with its headquarters in Spain,” he explained.

“We are satisfied with the agreement. We are excited to be able to work with Liberty Media. It will be a perfect step in the evolution of MotoGP. Liberty has a great track record in the development of motor sport. It is a great value that it brings on a global level “I want to thank the entire paddock, the FIM, the teams and the drivers for all the work. I am pleased to welcome more and more MotoGP and Formula 1 fans. We will be able to share the passion for this sport,” he added.

Ezpeleta also pointed out that the agreement includes all the assets of the Dorna Group and that Liberty does not consider that “anything needs to change” about MotoGP, as it is now known. The Spanish leader did point to the possibility of the Championship opening to new markets, but starting in 2027. “Until 2026 we are going to continue as we have been, we cannot do more than 22 races,” he said.

“If we have to open to other markets, we will have to do fewer races in Europe, but that will not be until 2027,” he added, excited by the agreement with a leading company in promoting motor sport. “This is the result of the work we have done since 1982, so that it has become the most important motor sport in the world,” he said.

“It is very exciting to know that a company as important as Liberty has decided to include this sport among its most important assets. Together we have created this possibility. I remember those difficult days of the pandemic. This is one more step, one more milestone. “It is a great milestone and a wonder to have this possibility,” he concluded.

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