Legendary NFL Players Chosen in Late Rounds: The Hidden Gems of the Draft

What you need to know:

Three of the players on this list are members of the Hall of Fame

One of the main intentions of the NFL Draft, is to give the underdog teams the opportunity to choose the best college player and the champion team, one not so good… so that everything is even.

Buuuuut, the rule is not always fulfilled. idea central of the Draft because those who end up being chosen first end up being a real fiasco and They continue to leave teams sunk in mediocrity.

Ojo, some of the first draft picks are true NFL legendsbut they are really few and most ended up crashing between what I expected from them and what they actually delivered.

A legend who was chosen with the first overall pick – Photo: Getty Images

The best players chosen in the last round of the NFL Draft

We also find the counterpart of the players chosen in the first round or with the best selections, because When the third round of the Draft arrives we have the college players from whom not much is expected.

And in NFL history, There are more legendary players who were chosen in the third round than as the first overall draft pick. and here we meet some of them.

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Tom Brady, el GOAT

We started strong and you can’t not mention first the best player in the history of the NFL. He was one of the last picks in the 2000 Draft, that is, they chose 198 before him; We put him on this list because technically he was chosen in the sixth round, but he is the GOAT.

Despite his high selection in the Draft, he earned a spot due to Bledsoe’s injury and would not return to the bench, quite the opposite. He led the Patriots to win six Super Bowls and became the goat.

The GOAT of the NFL – Photo: Getty

Bo Jackson, of runners and legends

In 1987, he was chosen with the 187th overall pick and they surely expected him to win, but not to the magnitude that he did with the Oakland Raiders.

Those Raiders were the best in the NFL and Bo Jackson became almost the icing on the cakebecause not only was he a legendary runner, he was also a Hall of Famer… even though he was chosen in the third round of the Draft.

Bo Jackson became a true legend – Photo: Getty Images

Shannon Sharpe

His career is over, but we are talking about a legendary player who played as a tight end. The Broncos selected him with the 192nd pick in 1990. and surely many teams were upset by not drafting him earlier.

In the top 5 in NFL history in receiving yards, touchdown passes and receptions. The first tight end to reach 10,000 and a three-time Super Bowl champion; a legendary career for a third-round draft pick.

One of the best tight ends in the NFL – Photo: Getty Images

Brock Purdy, el Mr. Irrelevant del Draft de NFL

The only one on this list who was chosen not only in the seventh round, but was the last overall pick of the entire NFL Draft, That last player chosen is known as “Mr. “Irrelevant”.

Buuut, Brock Purdy went from carrying that nickname to debuting by beating Tom Brady and in just two years, We can now count more playoff wins than the Cowboys and more Super Bowl appearances than half the teams in the league..

From being last chosen in the Draft to reaching a Super Bowl – Photo: Getty Images

Julian Edelman

He may not be the most spectacular receiver or anything like that, but he was accomplished like few others and it is so important that Without one of his catches, Tom Brady would have lost one of the seven rings he has.

Selected with the 232nd pick in 2007, Julian Edelman knew how to be patient that his time will come and he was obviously fortunate to have someone like Brady as a quarterback, which made his status as a great player easier.

The catch that was worth a Super Bowl – Photo: Getty Images

Isiah Pacheco

We have to talk about this corridor, which although He has been in the NFL for two years, we can also add two Super Bowl titles to him…that’s how impressive his story is.

He was chosen as the Chiefs’ 251st pick in 2022 and although Kansas had a running back, Isiah Pacheco He earned his place game by game until he was the starter of a legendary team.

He earned his place in Chiefs through defensive blows – Photo: Getty Images

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