Lazio Juve, Allegri: ‘Forbidden to think it’s easy. Future? Society has the right to evaluate

The eve of the semi-final return to the Italian Cup for Allegri who faces Lazio on Tuesday 23 April after the 2-0 first leg win at the Stadium: “You shouldn’t think it’s easy given the advantage, it will be a very long match”. On his future: “I’m not thinking about anything, at the moment the priority is to achieve the objectives, the club has the right to evaluate…”


Eve of the return semi-final for Massimiliano Allegri who in the press conference spoke about the match awaiting Juventus at the Olympic stadium against Lazio. The Bianconeri defend the 2-0 lead from the first leg thanks to goals from Chiesa and Vlahovic.

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What will Lazio be like after Igor Tudor’s three weeks?

“We will find a very aggressive Lazio because they have to recover two goals, they are changing compared to Sarri, they are much more aggressive. It will be difficult, it is an inside or outside game, we will have to play a great match.”

Will Chiesa be the owner?

“Federico has always been in the most important actions. Even in Cagliari. He is an important player, as everyone is. Today I will evaluate in training, there will also be a need for substitutions, it will be a very long match.”

Is this Italian Cup even more valuable?

“We started with two objectives: to arrive in the top four and at the moment we are third even if it is still a long way off, then also to try to win the Italian Cup. Tomorrow we will know if we were good enough to go to the final or not, then there will be the championship in which we will have to get the points we need to get to the Champions League.”

Can this Cup be decisive for the future of many?

“When you play you do it to get the maximum results. Now we don’t have to think about the future, but about the objectives we’ve been working towards for the last seven or eight months. It’s the most important moment in which everything is decided. neither the place in the Champions League nor the final of the Italian Cup have yet been reached…”.

What will the players have to understand for tomorrow’s match compared to Cagliari?

“It’s a different match compared to Cagliari, we saw what we did wrong, but tomorrow it’s a different team that will attack us. We must have clarity and personality especially when we have the ball.”

Besides the two goal lead, what are the certainties?

“The certainty is that the team will be motivated. We need to make a great effort to achieve the objective. We must not think and believe that everything is easy, even within the same match. We will have to fight, win tackles, play well technically, working as a team for the entire 95 minutes.”

Decisive month, is she who has won so much afraid of zero titles?

“There is no need to be afraid, football always gives an opportunity. It must be lived with great desire and determination to get to play this final. We know the team we will face and we must have the desire to reach the final giving our all, then if they are more well done we will applaud them…”.

Do you feel that this can be an important result in a season that didn’t go very well?

“If you are at Juventus you have to play to win and have such a high ambition that it takes you beyond the values ​​that exist. Tomorrow we have the opportunity to reach the final on a path of growth with the club that has given good directives precise. But above all, Juventus must have the opportunity to play in the Champions League next year, then the Club World Cup has already been won and reaching the Italian Cup final would mean playing in the Super Cup next year. This is the beauty of football.”

Does Yildiz play less lightly?

“It’s a journey for all the players, he has extraordinary qualities. But even this year’s Bremer, for example, is the same as last year. The Juventus shirt weighs much more when the games become important. After a year and a half this is the period in which the matches are the tough ones that make you grow to play for Juventus. You have to get used to it, you grow through these matches.”

Critics are pushing for a change on the bench, what do you think?

“I don’t think about anything, I do a job that I like, then the club has the right to evaluate the value of what a coach’s surplus could be in this or another context. But at the moment the most important thing is achieve the objectives”.

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