LaMelo Ball Considering Ankle Brace to Prevent Injuries: A Key Player for the Hornets


It certainly cannot be said that it has been an easy season for LaMelo Ball. In fact, for the umpteenth time in his short career, a ankle problem tormented him, ending its season early. Precisely for this reason the Charlotte All-Star is considering start wearing a bracehoping that it can prevent further injuries. LaMelo had already tried wearing some models in the preseason, but without finding one that allowed him to play at his best. However, since Ball has played just 58 games in recent seasons, he finds himself almost forced to resort to a solution of this type.

“I’ll see over the summer, try some things”Ball said about the ankle brace. “My absolute favorite thing to do is play basketball and not being able to do that is just awfulLaMelo said. “The fact that I have the whole summer to recover pushes me to work as hard as possible to recover and play.”

Also because Ball signed a very rich contract worth 260 million dollars for 5 years last summer, and the management hopes that, with such a salary, LaMelo will repay them by playing as much as possible.

Ball’s importance to the Hornets

It goes without saying that LaMelo Ball is the go-to guy degli Hornets. With him on the field, albeit for a few games, Charlotte almost seemed like a team like you should. Fortunately the roster is young and therefore it will have all the time to form and grow. To do this, however, it is necessary that Ball become one fixed presence on the parquetso you can represent a model to follow. Even if inside the locker room the respect for teammates he has already conquered it, as confirmed by the words of Miles Bridges.

LaMelo wants to be on the fieldBridges said. “That’s what people think, that he doesn’t want to be on the pitch and just wants to wear his jewelery on the sidelines. But he wants to play and he wants to win. He knows how important he is to this organization and this will be a great summer for him”.

Now he will have to find a way to stay healthy in order to confirm the good things he has already shown.

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