Lackluster Rockets Fall to Depleted Jazz Team: Only Fred VanVleet Shows Up

NBA – Faced with a Jazz team deprived of its best players and which remained on 13 defeats in a row, Houston never showed any desire, except Fred VanVleet.

The victory against the Magic could suggest that the Rockets had managed to re-mobilize for the end of the season, certainly without a play-in challenge, but with a personal ambition: to get 41 victories to show 50% victories.

But the game at Utah proved otherwise. The Jazz remained on 13 defeats in a row and played without Lauri Markkanen John Collins, Jordan Clarkson, Collin Sexton, Kris Dunn and Walker Kessler… And yet, the Rockets lost!

“The guys gave the impression of not wanting to play,” regret Making Udoka. “Consciously or unconsciously, as we are no longer in the race, the guys have not shown a desire to play. Only one really showed up: Fred VanVleet. »

How can we explain this attitude and this missed meeting, even though the Texans wanted to finish strong and this meeting seemed easy to take?

“Bad habits are difficult to break and mentalities are complicated to change”, remarks the Houston coach. “This is why we are here, in terms of our balance sheet, and why we have not succeeded in meeting our objectives. You might as well say it right away when you don’t want to play and let those who really want to play. »

Don’t let bad habits continue

The coach tried to wake up his troops, by punishing his starters from the start of the second period. Jalen Green especially, who didn’t play for 16 minutes between the third and fourth quarters. But when it comes time to return, the back will only be allowed 107 seconds before returning to the bench. “I wanted to see if he could bring a spark after sitting for so long. He wasn’t aggressive in attack.”

Udoka justifies himself, faced with the three small points scored by his player.

The defeat and the 124 points therefore hurt the Rockets’ ego. “We have to play with pride at this stage of the season, even if we are not in the playoffs,” express Jeff Green. “We have to finish strong and establish good habits. We can’t let the bad things take hold because it will tarnish all the work done this season. »

“That must be worrying. We must be worried, disappointed, angry with ourselves,” confirms VanVleet, who scored 42 points in this game. “We wasted an opportunity. We have no excuses. Ultimately, it’s a good lesson for us. We have to play hard, no matter who is opposite on the floor. »

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