Kylian Mbappé’s Future at PSG Uncertain: Is Real Madrid Calling?

At the end of his contract on June 30, Kylian Mbappé would no longer have the lead at PSG.

Kylian Mbappé never stops talking about him. Completely missing the point on Wednesday evening, during the quarter-final first leg of the Champions League lost by PSG against FC Barcelona (2-3), the captain of the Blues found himself in the eye of the storm. It must be said that Bondy’s kid has been experiencing a decline for several weeks.

Beyond the recent very average performances of the 25-year-old striker, it is his sometimes disinterested attitude which is being singled out. For David Douillet, this could be explained by the fact that the former Monegasque would already have his head turned towards next season, where he should, barring any major surprises, play under the merengue tunic of Real Madrid.

“Nothing connects him to PSG anymore”

“He already has his head out the window and I have the feeling that PSG have already let go of him. In these conditions, motivating yourself is not easy. Normally we build the team around the best player and this is no longer the case, he has become an average player. It makes sense that he is in this state. Nothing connects him to PSG anymore. lamented the former French judoka on RMC.

For her part, Sarah Pitkowski believes that Mbappé is not the only one responsible… “Since he announced his departure to his leaders, he finds himself more and more on the bench, commented the former tennis player. Mbappé has never paraded, he loves high-stakes evenings. But we can see that he is no longer the priority. He is isolated, he is no longer in the passing circuits. I’m not saying he’s a victim but I’m saying he’s isolated. We no longer build the team around him. I think PSG is slowly letting go of him because the club is upset. » A very bad one for Paris Saint-Germain, who will need a concerned Mbappé and in full possession of his means to hope to reverse the trend against FC Barcelona next Tuesday during the return leg.

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